Daring Mudik? Jokowi Will Evaluate The Recipient of Social Aid

The government will evaluate the assistance of Rp600 thousand.

President Joko Widodo will evaluate the reception of social assistance for residents who are going home. Jokowi hopes that Rp. 600,000 will be received by residents of the impact of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Greater Jakarta who is in his house.

Because this Lebaran homecoming could cause the spread of Covid-19 from Jabodetabek to the destination area,” Jokowi said, Thursday, April 9, 2020.Jokowi said, the assistance of the corona virus outbreak will help spread the Covid-19 spread from Jabodetabek to the destination areas, “Jokowi said, Thursday, April 9, 2020. Jokowi said given over the next three months and will continue to be evaluated. Later, if the recipient of the aid stays home, the government will change the policy.

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ASN and BUMN Employees are Prohibited from Going Home

Jokowi reiterated, the government appealed to residents not to go home. This effort is merely to break the Covid-19 chain which is potentially transmitted from those who mainly live in Greater Jakarta to their hometown.Homecoming prohibition only applies to ASN, members of the TNI-Polri, BUMN employees and their subsidiaries.

“I said that from the beginning the government had seen that going home this Lebaran could cause widespread distribution of Covid-19 from Jabodetabek to the destination area. So we appealed to the general public not to go home. our company is strictly forbidden from going home, “he said.

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Afraid of Spreading Corona, This Man Going Home by Walking as far as 120 Km

Malaysian man, Alixson Mangundok, 34, decides to return home on foot for 120 kilometers. It took three days for Alixson to walk from Kinabalu, Sabah State, to his village in the City of Marudu.Action reckoned by Alixson is not without reason. He did not want to infect others with the corona virus, considering that he had just returned from Japan, which had recorded a significant number of confirmed cases of Covid-19.In fact, airport health officials said he was fine. Even so, Alixon still worried that he would transmit the corona virus.

Daring Mudik 2020
Daring Mudik 2020? Jokowi Will Evaluate The Recipient of Social Aid

“After arriving at Kota Kinabalu International Airport, I was examined and the airport said I was fine and showed no symptoms of the virus. I still asked to go to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a more thorough examination,” Alixson was quoted as saying by the Straits Times.After examining the sample at the hospital, the doctor informed him that he could do an independent quarantine at home. So, Alixson does not have to wait for the results of the Covid-19 inspection at quarantine facilities that have been prepared by the government.

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Previously, Alixon’s relatives had helped him by carrying some clothes and carry-on bags in case he had to be quarantined.”But later I was told that I could undergo quarantine myself at home. I decided to walk far to Marudu City because I was accustomed to walking miles away from hunting and farming,” he said.

Before going on a trip, Alixon had lunch and bought two bottles of water at the hospital. When walking not too far from Kota Kinabalu, he passed the cemetery and was visited by a dog.The dog apparently followed Alixson’s trip. He also let the dog come along and gave him the name Hachiko.”I thought the dog would go halfway but he stayed along the way, which is why I decided to adopt Hachiko,” Alixon said.

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Rest at the Bus Stop

Along the way, they rested at the bus stop and went through quite a number of problems. But they also made new friends, braved the rain, hot weather and walked up and down the hill.”At each border, the police and other security forces on duty will ask where I am going and when I tell them that I am heading to Marudu City, they do not believe, but finally I assure them that I am not joking,” Alixson explained.

While explaining the reason, Alixson showed his passport and examination letter from the hospital as evidence. The border clerk then advised him to be careful, stay alert and rest in a bright place.”They also offered to help me get in the car but I refused because I owned this dog and I did not want to pose any health risk to anyone, even though the doctor said I was not exposed to the virus,” he said.

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Arriving at the Independent Direct Quarantine Village

Long story short, upon arrival in his hometown, Alixson underwent an independent quarantine in a rented cabin while continuing to carry out health checks. He admitted on April 7, the examination was very satisfying but still awaiting the results of the second test.

I will not rest and will not meet my family until the hospital gives me confirmation that I am free from this virus. For now, Hachiko and I spend time together at the cottage,” explained Alixson.The father of two children has a long working experience abroad. He left Malaysia since the age of 18 and has worked in Singapore, Algeria, Australia and South Korea.

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