Unique Ways Yogyakarta Residents Prevent Spread of Covid-19 Plague

Friends of Dream, it turns out that the outbreak of COVID-19 is increasingly troubling, what steps have your city taken to eradicate this virus?

Indonesian people are increasingly wary of the spread of the new corona virus, Covid-19. Moreover, almost all provinces in Indonesia have been infected. The number of people infected with the virus is increasing day by day.Until Sunday afternoon, there were 1,285 cases of infection in Indonesia, 114 people were declared dead and only 64 were declared cured of Covid-19.

A number of regions adopted policies to prevent the spread of transmission in their respective regions. One of them is done by Yogyakarta.At present, in Yogyakarta there have been 19 cases of Covid-19. Of that number, 4 people died, only 1 person was declared cured. Most of the positive cases of Covid-19 in the City of Gudeg come from people returning from other regions. Some wiyayah Yogyakarta has indeed become the destination of travelers.

This Student City carries out Covid-19 prevention in different ways from other regions. These efforts have invited positive responses from various regions in Indonesia, some of which have followed the methods of the people of Yogyakarta.Friends of Dream, let’s look at the unique ways of prevention carried out by the citizens of Yogyakarta below:

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1. Local Lockdown

Implementation of local lockdown , aka local quarantine, was first carried out by a village in Sleman, Yogyakarta, on March 26, 2020. The Pakem area became the first area to close the road as access to their village. Followed by several regions in other Sleman regencies, such as Pogung, Sambirejo, and surrounding areas.

Until March 30, almost all regions in Bantul and Kulon Progo districts followed this step. After this news circulated, several regions outside of Yogyakarta were not ready to do Local Lockdown.This step is done by closing all access to a village, so as to limit the people who are feared to bring the Covid-19 virus easily into their area.

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2. Automatic Disectan Gate Making

In addition to deciding on a local lockdown , Yogyakarta residents also made a gate in front of the entrance to their area. This gate made by Yogya residents is equipped with an automatic sensor, so that if someone passes under it, the machine will spray disinfectant liquid.In Bantul District, a disinfectant gate is made by saying a password. Every passing citizen is required to say the password or by clapping both hands so that the disinfectant liquid can come out.

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Covid-19 Plague
Unique Ways Yogyakarta Residents Prevent Spread of Covid-19 Plague

3. Police Use Canon Water to Disband Mass

Yogyakarta Regional Police and its staff spray liquid disinfectant on the highway using water canon. In addition to cleaning up viruses in the streets of Yogyakarta.This activity also effectively dissolved the mass gathered at the edges of the road. This step invited admiration from residents who saw it. Because the water canon that injects liquid is infected from all sides to form a beautiful view that they may never have seen before.

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4. Residents Independently Spray Disinfectants to Each Home

Yogyakarta residents are known to be active in mutual cooperation, so it is not surprising that they make their own disinfectant liquid and spread it from one house to another, without waiting for spraying from government officials.

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5. Making Mandiri Hand Soap for Residents

In Bantul, aside from implementing a local lockdown system , public awareness of hand washing with soap is also very good. The community makes handsoap in large quantities and distributes it to citizens for free.Distributed for free, will better guarantee citizens to wash their hands with soap. In addition, this activity is a form of socialization to residents who do not understand the importance of washing their hands in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak.

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6. Installation of Hand Soap in every corner of Kampung Road

On every street corner in Bantul, residents install water taps and provide hand washing soap. This step is to remind and facilitate residents to always wash their hands with soap. This tool is installed along the road so that road users can make good use of it. If the equipment has been provided, it is unlikely that residents will use it.

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Unique Ways Yogyakarta Residents Prevent Spread of Covid-19 Plague

7. News HOAX Vegetable Lodeh Antidote Corona Still Done

The hoax news about lodeh vegetables consisting of seven types of vegetables, which was reportedly a suggestion from Sri Sultan, was apparently trusted by some people in Yogyakarta. They even practice it, even though many have confirmed that the suggestion is hoax news.

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8. Residents Given Identification

After the enactment of local lockdown , migrant residents, such as students or workers who live in boarding houses and rented houses in Yogyakarta are given identification as proof of someone living in the area.Because a local lockdown is enforced , outsiders cannot enter the area without showing the identification. In fact, if they come out just to look for food, when going to enter the area must show identification.Nah, begitulah cara unik warga Yogyakarta dalam upaya pencegahan penyebaran Wabah Covid-19 di Yogyakarta. Sahabat Dream yang dari daerah lain bisa mengikuti langkah tersebut jika dinilai efektif untuk memutus rantai penyebaran Cocivd-19 yang sudah sangat meresahkan ini.

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