Corona Virus in the Hospital Can Hover in the air as far as 4 meters

This distance is twice as far from physical distance.

A recent study found surprising findings about the ability of the corona virus to float in the air. In research published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, it is known that the virus that causes Covid-19 can float up to 4 meters from an infected patient.The flying distance of this virus is equivalent to double the standard physical distance or keep the distance set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

In an article published in the journal, a team of researchers from China found the corona virus in air samples taken in a positive patient care room. But experts have not been able to ensure the virus can be transmitted or not.Quoted from Straits Times . a study carried out by the Beijing Military Medical Academy Academy team that took surface and air samples from the intensive care unit of the Covid-19 ward at Houshenshan Hospital in Wuhan. The hospital accommodates 24 patients from 19 February to 2 March 2020.

The researchers revealed the most viruses settled on the floor of the ward.”This happens because gravity and the flow of air that causes most of the virus droplets to fall to the ground,” the contents of the research.High level of contamination is also found on some objects that are often touched. As with computer mice, trashcans, bed rails and door knobs.”In addition, another half of the sample that was contaminated with the virus included the soles of ICU medical staff shoes. Therefore the soles of medical staff shoes were likely to be carriers (carriers),” the team wrote.

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Threats Through the Air

Research team also carried out aerosol transmission tests, where there was a threat of spreading the virus through the air. This is also still in the debate of scientists. The World Health Organization (WHO) also doubts this virus can be spread through aerosols.They found that transmission of virus-laden aerosols was mostly concentrated near the downstream of the patient within 4 meters.

“The right actions can effectively prevent the spread of the virus,” the authors explained.These scientists offer suggestions that go against orthodoxy. “Our findings suggest that isolation of homes for people suspected of Covid-19 might not be the right strategy given the level of contamination in the surrounding environment,” the authors explained.WHO has issued several calls for suppression of distribution. Also urges people to always wear masks when talking to others.

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Corona Virus in the Hospital 2020
Recent Research: 2020 Corona Virus in the Hospital Can Hover in the Air as far as 4 meters

Can Corona Virus Nest in the Medical Staff’s Shoes?

Being at the forefront to combat the corona covid-19 virus, medical personnel need a number of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to reduce the possibility of exposure to the corona Covid-19 virus from patients treated.In addition to masks and Hazmat clothes, medical personnel who come into direct contact with patients carrying the corona virus are also advised to use special shoes.the coronavirus outbreak began.The research shows quite surprising evidence about the behavior of the corona virus.

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How to Clean Shoes from Corona Covid-19 Virus

There is no specific method for cleaning shoes to protect against the corona virus, but a nurse became viral in TikTok who demonstrated routine cleaning of shoes with disinfectants, including putting shoes in bleach overnight.Shoes made of cloth such as nets or canvas can be cleaned in the washing machine. The British National Health Service recommends washing cloths at high temperatures (140 ° F).

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Use Washing Machines Can Damage Shoes

Medical workers also routinely clean their feet with products that contain bleach to improve disinfectant results. They are also accustomed to using detergents that have been tested and clinically proven to kill bacteria and viruses.Cleaning using a washing machine is not recommended because it can damage shoes made of leather or other man-made materials.

Shoes made from these materials are highly recommended to be cleaned using hand soap and water.Washing leather shoes can change the texture and appearance. To disinfect shoes, we have to make a mixture of alcohol and water 70 percent, advised the United States CDC.

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