Corona Update: New Cases Over 2,000 for 3 Consecutive Days

Number of new Covid019 cases today is 2,345 people.

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Rate of adding to the number of new Covid-19 cases has not yet shown a decline. Even in the last three days, new Covid-19 patients have increased by more than 2,000 cases per day. The latest data on Covid-19 cases quoted from the page, Saturday, August 15, 2020, noted that new patients in the last 24 hours recorded 2,345 cases.

New cases of Covid-19 were back in the range of 2000 people since Thursday, August 13, 2020, with a total of 2,098. A day later, the reported new cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia reached 2,307 patients. With the addition of the latest cases, the number of confirmed Covid-19 patients in Indonesia has reached 137,468 cases. The first case of Covid-19 in the country was known to have been detected in March 2020.

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Patients Dies Down

When the number of positive cases stagnated at 2000, the number of recovered patients was reported to have decreased. Today, 1,703 confirmed Covid-19 patients have recovered. The total number of cases recovered from Covid-19 to date has reached 91,321 people.

Corona Update
Corona Update: New Cases Over 2,000 for 3 Consecutive Days

Meanwhile, the number of patient deaths due to the Corona virus today was recorded at 50 people with an accumulation of 6,071 people. Until now, DKI Jakarta is still the province with the most Covid-19 cases in Indonesia with a total of 28,299 cases or 20.9 percent of the total corona patients in the country. Followed by East Java with 26,979 cases (20%), Central Java with 11,340 cases (8.4%), South Sulawesi with 10,793 cases (8%), and West Java 8,275 cases (6.1%).

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