Corona Update August: New Covid-19 Cases Translucent 3,003, Highest Record!

Number of positive cases has now reached 165,887 people.

Number of new cases in the last 24 hours has reached its highest daily record. This number is even the highest since the Covid-19 case first appeared in Indonesia, early March. Data on, Friday, August 28, 2020, at 12.00 WIB, the number of new cases that have emerged from yesterday to today is 3,003 people. This number is the highest and adds to the accumulation of positive Covid-19 patients to 165,887 patients.

A total of 37,818 people infected with Covid-19 are currently undergoing treatment. The number is around 22.8 percent of the total confirmed positive cases. There were 2,325 new recovered patients. The total number of recovered patients is now 120,900 or 72.9 percent of the accumulated confirmed cases. Meanwhile, there were only 105 patients who died. The total death rate was 7,169 people or 4.3 percent of confirmed cases. Meanwhile, the number of suspected cases is now recorded at 77,857 people.

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Wow! This country pays isolated citizens, although not positive for Covid-19

Self-isolation is one form of preventing the transmission of the Corona Covid-19 virus, which still occurs in most countries in the world. Minimizing contact with other people outside the home is one good effort that may need to be used in society. To reduce the number of Covid-19 transmission in the UK, the local health minister, Matt Hancock, has just announced a horrendous policy.

On Thursday (27/08), Hancock confirmed that he would make payments for anyone who was positive for the Covid-19 corona, or residents who had contact with patients in areas with high cases.

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Corona Update August
Corona Update August: New Covid-19 Cases Translucent 3,003, Highest Record!

Help Residents Who Cannot Work Due to Covid-19

Policies issued by the British government are enforced against the background, conditions of citizens who cannot work or even lose their jobs because they have to isolate themselves. “The British people have made many sacrifices to help slow the spread of the Covid-19 corona virus,” said Health Minister Matt Hancock.

By doing isolation after testing positive for Covid-19, or having had contact with a patient is the best way to monitor the local spread of the virus. “This payment scheme will help low-income residents and those unable to work from home survive amid the pandemic,” added Hancock.

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Take effect next Tuesday

Payments will be made starting Tuesday (1/9) to residents who have tested positive and those in several high-risk areas of contracting Covid-19. This policy was implemented to provide income for low-income patients, who must isolate themselves and cannot work from home.

According to Hancock, the scheme will be piloted in several areas of northwest England, including Blackburn, Darwen, Pendle and Oldham.

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Here are the conditions

Citizens who meet the requirements and test positive will receive IDR 2.5 million for a period of self-isolation of 10 days. Family members who share the same house with the patient, but are declared negative will also be obliged to isolate themselves for 14 days and are entitled to Rp. 3.5 million rupiah.

In addition, those who have also had contact with Covid-19 patients will be advised to isolate themselves through the NHS Test and Trace. Citizens of this category are also entitled to receive money equal to that of family members who isolate themselves. Regarding the time of payment, the local government promised to disburse the aid within 48 hours after all the evidence and conditions were met

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