Corona Update April 25: Positive 8,211, Patients Recover 1,042 People, 720 Died

News was delivered by Co-19 prevention spokesman Achmad Yurianto.

Number of patients recovering from Covid-19 infections continues to grow. As of today, Saturday, April 25, the number of patients recovering has increased by 40 to 1,042.”The accumulation has recovered by 40 so that the accumulation has become 1,042 people,” said Achmad Yurianto, a spokesman for the handling of Covid-19, quoted from

Even so, the number of corona-positive patients has also increased. The number rose to 720 people reaching 8,607 patients.Whereas for the case of death that was recorded today as many as 31 people. The number also decreased from before, namely 42 people to 31 people. So that the total patients died now

31 people died, so that a total of 720 people,” he said.Previous data on Friday, April 24, 2020 showed positive patients reached 8,211 people. But the number who managed to fight Covid-19 also rose by 42 people.”(So that the total) of Covid-19 patients who had recovered reached 1,002 people,” Yurianto said, last Friday.

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Dishonest Patient, 11 Doctors Contracted Corona Virus

Dishonesty of patients can be disastrous for medical personnel who deal with corona virus. They contracted the corona virus without knowing where it came from.Reported as many as 11 doctors in the city of Bekasi, West Java, contracted Covid-19 from patients who did not want to be honest with their health conditions. Four of them have been allowed to go home after undergoing intensive care. While the other six underwent independent isolation because they showed no symptoms.

11 was a positive swab result. The patient did not convey the same doctor who checked, that he had contact with the positive treated,” said Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association Bekasi City Branch, Komaruddin Askar. Kamaruddin said the 11 doctors exposed consisted of general practitioners and specialists. “So there is dishonesty of patients here to the doctor who examined,” he said.

For this incident, Komaruddin appealed to the doctors and other medical personnel to work professionally. By always wearing a complete PPE, especially when in contact with patients.”This means that according to the level where he works, must use PPE. Whether working in poly, emergency room or in the isolation room, continue to use PPE, either level 2, 3 or 1. And do not too often contact with patients,” Komaruddin added.

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Story of RSCM Doctors Every Day Corona Patients ‘Swab Test’

Those who are at the forefront of facing the corona virus outbreak, the cause of Covid-19, always reminds the importance of social distancing by staying at home.One of them is told by doctor Nieza Femini who is every day in charge of conducting swab tests on Covid-19 patients at the IGD Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, Jakarta.

Through a post on Instagram @niezafemini , Doctor Nieza began by telling him that he had changed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) three times on that day, March 31, 2020.”Turning around (taking) swab PDP patients (Patients Under Supervision) IGD RSCM in several places so as not to transmit from one place to another,” he wrote.

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Corona Update April 25 2020
Corona Update April 25 2020: Positive 8,211, Patients Recover 1,042 People, 720 Died

Must be Concentrated, Patient and Not Mistaken

According to doctor Nieza, wearing PPE feels very hot. His body was sweating all over his body.”Difficult breathing, poor visibility. Can’t drink, can’t go to the toilet,” he added.In such conditions, he still must concentrate so as not to be mistaken when taking a swab.”You have to be patient with patients who try to swab immediately, they want to vomit,” wrote Doctor Nieza.

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Not Torture But Favors from Allah SWT

Doker Nieza seemed to feel unable to use PPE for a long time. In just three hours, he felt like he wanted to pass out. Especially those who use PPE for the whole day.”Therefore, those who have the privilege (opportunity) for #dirumahaja are to be grateful. You do not have to anticipate the situation of tense directly,” he wrote.

According to doctor Nieza , running social distancing by working, studying, or worshiping at home alone is not a torture.”But a favor from Allah SWT. As much as possible do not have to come to the hospital first. Because I myself witnessed so many PDPs in the hospital. From mild to severe conditions. Many. Lots of really,” added Doctor Nieza.

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Express Your Salute

Doctor Nieza also did not forget to encourage the doctors, nurses, medical staff, and volunteers who continue to struggle to treat Covid-19 patients every day.He expressed his salute to those at the forefront of dealing with the corona virus. Because most have to stay away from family because they do not want to transmit the corona virus.

Doctor Nieza prayed that their every action in the vanguard against the corona virus was considered a good deed in the sight of Allah and always received His protection.”For the front guard Covid-19 who must treat patients every day, to have to stay away from family because of fear of transmission, I SALUTE YOU! May Allah counts every good deeds you make, and may Allah always protect,” concluded Dr. Nieza in his post.

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