Corona Update April 20, 2020: Positive 6,760 Cases, Healing 747 People

Number of patients recovering continues to increase.

Positive cases of corona virus infection in Indonesia have again been added. Until Monday, April 20, 2020, there were 185 confirmed positive positive patients.”We have 185 positive cases today, bringing the total to 6,760 people,” Yurianto said.Cases of patients recovering also continue to increase. Since yesterday until today at 12.00 WIB, the number of cases recovered has increased by 61 people.

So there are 747 people,” said Yurianto.However, the mortality rate has also increased. However, the number of cases died per day increased by 8 positive patients with Covid-19 so that accumulatively became 590 people.Yurianto explained that until now there are 36 laboratories that have tested corona virus samples.

This number will continue to grow as more than 20 thousand specimens are received.”The specimens we examined were 49,767 specimens from 43749 people,” Yurianto said.For the current results, he said, there were 181,770 people identified as Monitoring Insiders (ODP). While the number of Patients Under Supervision (PDP) is 16,343 people.”This number will soon be carried out by us in a real time PCR test,” he said.

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Corona Update April 19: 6,575 Positive, 686 Cured, 582 Dead

Spread of the corona virus in Indonesia has not yet subsided. As of Sunday, April 19, 2020, the number of patients who were confirmed positive for Covid-19 is still increasing.”In detail, today there are 327 positive people, bringing a total of 6,575,” said a government spokesman for the prevention of the corona virus, Achmad Yurianto.The good news is that the number of patients who have been cured of Covid-19 has also increased. Today, there are 55 Covid-19 patients who have been confirmed negative for the corona virus, making a total of 686 patients recovering.

“The criteria for recovery are based on negative laboratory results twice in a row and there are no clinical complaints anymore. This is a reference for positive confirmed patients from Covid-19 who were declared cured,” Yuri added.However, according to Yuri’s notes, there are still Covid-19 patients who died. “Today there are 47, bringing the total to 582.”

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Research: AC Can Spread Corona Virus

A study in China showed that air conditioner (AC) might help spread the new corona virus, Covid-19. The conclusion was drawn after examining ten cases of Covid-19 from three families who simultaneously had dinner at a restaurant in Guangzhou at the same time.According to The Straits Times , the study was published by the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and was approved by the Guangzhou CDC Ethics Committee. In the study it was found that droplets or liquid droplets of people infected with the corona virus may have spread through the AC air flow to the tables of three families who had dinner at the same time.

Corona Update April 20, 2020
Corona Update April 20, 2020: Positive 6,760 Cases, Healing 747 People

Patient studied arrived from Wuhan in late January and had dinner with three family members. There were two other families in the restaurant, their tables close together, less than a meter.On the following day, the patient studied had a fever and cough. After undergoing a hospital test, Covid-19 tested positive. Meanwhile, in early February, nine other people, who came from three families – who had dinner at the restaurant at the same time – fell ill with the corona virus.The only source of transmission to the nine known is the patient who is a member of the three families who had dinner at the same time. So that the study concluded that the corona virus was transmitted by one such person.

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73 Isolated

Restaurant where the three families had dinner was without a window. There is only one air conditioner on one side and a vent on the other side. The three families had dinner in the restaurant for about an hour with their seats close together.

Ten of the 83 customers who ate at the restaurant on the same day were infected with Covid-19. They are from these three families. Meanwhile, 73 others were considered as people who had close contact and were quarantined for 14 days. However, after being tested, those who were quarantined were declared negative by Covid-19.

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Key Factor

Study found that transmission of the corona virus was not only transmitted by droplets. “Larger respiratory droplets remain in the air for only a short time and spread at close range, generally. The distance between the index patient and those at other tables is all less than one meter,” the study wrote.However, the report added, “strong air flow from the air conditioner can spread droplets from table to table.”

This study concludes that the key factor for infection in this case is the direction of air flow. To prevent the spread of Covid-19, restaurants must widen the spacing between tables and increase ventilation.

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