Corona Research Team Leader Suggests Islands Lockdown, Like What?

Sea water will be the limit, or isolator.

Head of the Corona Research Team and Vaccine Formulation from Professor Nidom Foundation (PNF), Prof. Dr. Chairul Anwar Nidom, suggested other steps that the government could take to reduce the spread of the corona virus. He suggested that the government make an island lockdown .”Lockdown can be done, but it is not based on an administrative area because it is possible that impacts are not small. It is better to do an island lockdown considering that Indonesia is an archipelago, so sea water is the best isolator,” Nidom said on Tuesday.

March 17, 2020.Nidom realized this process was not an easy task. But it can be finished.”For example in Java, assuming 1% of the population is at risk of infection, we need facilities for 1 million patients. For these things can be done,” he said.First, Java became a unity of handling. “All governors and regents / mayors are united and do not take their own policies,” he said.

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For Mass Disinfectants

Nidom calculated the capacity of hospitals throughout Java. If it is deemed insufficient, you can use tents owned by the military and the National Police.”If it is still not fulfilled, you can use mosques and houses of worship as emergency hospitals,” he said.

In addition, Nidom also suggested that

Schools and offices should not be closed.

Mobilize all students in the field of health (medicine, nurses, etc.) with the guidance of their respective lecturers to help care.- Mobilize all laboratories (public and private) and students in biology and chemistry to take part in diagnostic tests. High school students can be mobilized to make disinfectants in their respective schools by being supervised by Chemical Engineering and Mathematics students. Middle school students are deployed to help with cleaning and spraying the environment.

So that is closed only elementary / PAUD students. RT mothers prepare consumption and empon-empon. Religious leaders echo / lead munajat for safety.”Hopefully the Corona outbreak will become the National Solidarity movement against Corona with the spirit of Unity in Diversity and Pancasila,” he said.

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Corona Research Team
Corona Research Team Leader Suggests Islands Lockdown, Like What?

Man’s Remorse for Underestimating Corona Virus: I’m Stupid, Too Confident!

 In the midst of a new type of corona virus pandemic, Covid-19, everyone must be more vigilant, even if they can’t panic. Never underestimate, let alone feel will never be infected with the virus because it has implemented a healthy life.This virus can infect anyone. Listen to Park Hyun’s story, as published in the South China Morning Post . The 48-year-old man from South Korea had just been infected with the Covid-19 virus. In fact, he routinely goes to the gym to exercise. Five days a week.Park even keeps clean. He washed his hands anytime. Even the South China Morning Post says Park tends to overuse sanitizers.

He feels safe. But, Park – like all of us – still doesn’t know when to contract the virus.Through Facebook, Park, who has now recovered, wrote his experience of being infected with the corona virus, “to help friends and loved ones ward off this highly contagious virus.”

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South Korea is currently fighting against this new type of corona virus.

Until now more than 8,000 people have been infected and 72 of them have died.“We must be careful! But don’t panic and don’t be afraid,” Park wrote.”I am naive and stupid to think that [the plague] is not my problem. Yes, as usual, I am too confident,” he added.Busan City, home to Park, reported the first positive case of a new type of corona virus on February 21. That day he felt a slight pain in his throat. He also experienced a mild dry cough.Two days later, he felt a tightness in his chest, even though it was only mild. He then decided to stay at home. Do not go to the gym. “Not because I feel unwell, but because there is a corona virus patient reported living near my house.”

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On the morning of February 24, he had breathing problems. Park began to be afraid because the Oncheon Church, where a group of patients in Busan contracted the corona virus, was in his neighborhood.So he panicked and called the health authority. On the first phone call, he was advised not to do a corona virus test just because there was a long line at the test center. Also considered to be at risk of contracting. Park symptoms at that time also did not show a serious level.However, the symptoms experienced by Park are getting worse. When calling for the third time, Park was advised to the nearest hospital to do the test.Early in the morning Park went to the hospital to have a check-up.

But at that time the line was snaking. Everyone wants a corona virus test. He was told he would queue for about four hours.After 30 minutes waiting in line, I had trouble breathing (gasping) again and fell, my head hit the floor,” Park wrote. He was later treated for head injuries and underwent corona virus testing.

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Park then quarantined himself and the next day received a short message from the hospital announcing the test results showed that he was positively infected by the corona virus.After receiving the confirmation, he stayed at home for 24 hours before being hospitalized. Health workers then interviewed him to track his movements and find out the people who interacted with him.It was during the interview that Park’s condition deteriorated and finally he was placed in the quarantine at the Kosin University Gospel Hospital emergency room. He received treatment and a number of tests before finally installing a breathing apparatus.”I feel pain like burning in my chest and stomach, although I’m not sure whether it’s due to a drug reaction or because of a virus,” Park wrote.

“I had a slight fever and my condition was unstable. First I felt like I was crushed by an iron plate, pressing on my chest. The stabbing pain gradually subsided until it felt like someone was squeezing my chest hard,” he added.”I sometimes feel very hungry. I know I have to eat to survive but it is very difficult to swallow because I have difficulty breathing.”

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He was told to rest for nine days while being treated and is now even 14 days in quarantine and declared recovered.Park said everyone he contacted a week before he was hospitalized, including his mother and sister, had been tested and the corona virus was negative.He thanked the medical staff who cared for him. He felt treated like family by the nurses. They, “do their best to avoid causing unnecessary pain while treating patients by injection, bringing food to them and even cleaning their rooms.”

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