Confide in Children of UI Professor Who Died PDP, Everyone’s Attention!

The princess who is also a doctor could not see it at all. The father is a patient with monitoring (PDP) Covid-19.

Leonita Triwachyuni, a doctor who is taking specialist education, must undergo extraordinary trials.The father, Prof. DR. dr. Bambang Sutrisna, MHSc (Professor of Epidemiology, Faculty of Public Health, University of Indonesia), passed away at Pers Friendship Hospital on March 23, 2020 yesterday.Bambang is a patient with Covid-19 monitoring (PDP). Since being treated, the professor at the University of Indonesia cannot be seen. He must undergo isolation. Even the princess who is also a doctor could not see it at all.

Leonita spilled his feelings on his Instagram account @nonznonz. No photos of the father at the funeral, unable to see one last time. He was very sad to imagine his father dying stuffy alone.”I wrote this just to ask for help, please for those who have the choice do not be stubborn, #dirumahaja and those who are in the hospital do not be stubborn until forced to go home. The sad thing for patients with suspected Covid-19 is to die alone crowded alone,” writes Leonita.

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Ask the Community to Stay at Home

As a doctor who was still undergoing specialist education, Leonita did not even go home. He was afraid to bring the virus because it included doctors who worked every day at the hospital.”I haven’t even gone home in two weeks, afraid to meet my parents, why? Because I work at the hospital and I understand that there are 2 people who are over 60 years old and must be protected,” he wrote.He also asked again for all Indonesian people to stay at home. Do not become a carrier of the virus and infect people who have weak immunity.

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No Hazmat, Indonesian Doctors Use Garbage Plastic When Treating Corona Patients

Doctors in a referral hospital for handling Covid-19 patients in Indonesia, are in dire need of personal protective equipment (PPE). One equipment that is needed is a hazard suit or hazardous material suit.This protective clothing is used by doctors who treat patients with high biohazard levels, such as Covid-19 patients. In many hospitals, hazmat equipment is very limited, even depleted.A heartbreaking fact, uploaded by Mesty Ariotedjo, a model who is now a pediatrician on his Instagram account . He uploaded a photo of his colleague who handled Covid-19 patients using trash plastic to protect themselves.

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Stake a life

This is because PPE supply is very difficult. Mesty also revealed that doctors actually risked their own lives when treating patients without adequate protection.“Concerned about seeing the real situation on the ground, colleagues use combat equipment that is very improper, trash plastic bags. All colleagues work as hard as they can, even endanger themselves. “sick and puskesmas that lack personal protective equipment. Many of the people who move themselves through personal accounts, @kitabisacom, @, and others,” wrote Mesty.

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DR. dr. Bambang Sutrisna, MHSc
Confide in Children of UI Professor Who Died PDP, Everyone’s Attention!

Urge the Government

The doctor who graduated from the University of Indonesia Faculty of Medicine also urged the government to guarantee the safety of medical personnel who are in the vanguard of handling Covid-19.Frankly, we also have to work harder to find distributors who provide appropriate and complete PPE. Hopefully @jokowi and his government can also move quickly to realize their promises. If you want to involve volunteers and even medical students into the battlefield, don’t harm them “Make sure the completeness of personal protective equipment and their safety. Because if the army collapses in the field, who will help the patients? We need PPE immediately and quickly. Our safety is not in days or weeks, but minutes or even seconds, ” he said.

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Dedication of Doctor Handoko in Front Guard Against Covid-19

The medical team is at the forefront in handling corona virus (Covid-19) in Indonesia. A heartwarming story on social media. An 80-year-old lung specialist ready for ‘war’.The doctor was wearing protective clothing (PPE) or hazmat. The doctor is known as Handoko Gunawan, a lung specialist who works at Grha Kedoya Hospital, West Jakarta.He was included in the ranks of doctors who directly deal with Corona patients. Even though Dr. Handoko Gunawan is a senior doctor who is 80 years old.Starting with an upload on Facebook owned by Noviana Kusumawardhani and Hengky who shared a portrait of doctor Handoko, who continues to struggle to treat patients infected with corona, even though it has been banned by the family.

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Work until 3 a.m.

Quoted from the status of Facebook Noviana Kusumawardhani , Novia wrote that Doctor Handoko is a pulmonologist at Grha Kedoya Hospital, which is around 80 years old. He worked on treating patients until 3am.The post also featured a photo of Doctor Handoko Gunawan wearing an anti-contamination shirt complete with a mask and shoes.The government’s effort to fight Corona is inseparable from the hard work of the medical team.Hengky’s Facebook account also wrote that doctor Handoko was an extraordinary humanitarian figure.Various comments were written by netizens on the Facebook page.

” Hopefully Dr. Handoko is always healthy and given a long life. Excitement .” wrote one netizen.”Hopefully the doctor is guarded by God, always healthy and a long life GBU is a kind doctor, ” said another.” join in praying for all doctors and hospital staff everywhere” added another.

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