Commotion of Klepon is called Non-Islamic Snacks

Upload reaped a lot of reactions from netizens.

Social media users are stirred up by uploading about klepon cakes. The upload was even viral and had become trending on Twitter. In the photos uploaded many Twitter accounts, a picture of a coconut-clad klepon cake is covered by a pot of bowl. The bowl is covered with paper so that the coconut does not fall into it. The photo also contains provocative writing. It said that klepon cake is not Islamic. “CAKE PHONE IS NOT ISLAMIC.

Let’s leave un-Islamic snacks by buying Islamic snacks, a variety of dates available in our sharia store,” reads the text. The photo also contains a description of the identity of the alleged creator. His name is Abu Ikhwan Aziz. However, it is not known who the creator actually is. When tracking using Google Search, none of the Abu Ikhwan Aziz identity accounts were found that contained the image.

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Upload intrigued social media users. Like Ridwan Hanif, owner of the Twitter account @ridwanhr.

“Did someone find the Abu Ikhwan Aziz store who said the klepon was not Islamic? Looking for the shop, it didn’t exist, the maps didn’t exist, the fb didn’t exist, the website didn’t have any. The account was personal, just finished today. ” Ridwan wrote. Did anyone find the Abu Ikhwan Aziz store who said the valve was not Islamic? Looking for the shop, you can’t find it, the maps don’t exist, the fb isn’t there, the website doesn’t have a personal account, it just started today. I heard that selling dates is not the intention to sell? – Ridwan Hanif (@ridwanhr) July 21, 2020

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Commotion of Klepon
Commotion of Klepon is called Non-Islamic Snacks

Cuitan Ridwan was also replied by the @PrimastianH account holder.

“What I know is halal food and not halal food. How about Islamic food anyway? For those who have a business in marketing school first …” wrote the account owner.

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