Circulating South Jakarta Street Placement Data to Prevent Corona, Check the Facts!

This is the police explanation.

Circulating data on road blocking plans in South Jakarta due to Covid-19 Extraordinary Conditions. The data is reportedly derived from four Traffic Unit units in the South Jakarta Metro Police circle.Head of Jakarta Metro Police Precinct, Commissioner Sri Widodo said there was no instruction on road closure. Especially in the area for which he is responsible.

There have not been any closures or transfers,” Sri said, quoted from .Sri said the data circulating on social media was a scheme prepared by the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Traffic Unit if the government imposed a closure or lockdown. “All implementation must have a Sprint,” said Sri.

In the data received, there are 14 points that are insulated. Some of them are Jalan in front of Veterans University and Fatmawati Toll entrance, U Turn Ranco, under U Turn PJO Ranco, U Turn Post Gardu, JPO Layang UI, entrance Toll Lenteng 3 and Toll Lenteng 1.

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Still Simulation, Not Lockdown

Previously, there was a telegram signed by the Head of the Operations Bureau (Karo ops) of the Jakarta Metropolitan Police Chief Commissioner Marsudianto. The telegram instructed Kabagops to make plans to safeguard road closures or divert vehicles flowing into or out of Jakarta.Head of Metro Police Public Relations, Senior Commissioner Yusri Yunus explained, the telegram was related to data requests to each region. He stated there would be a simulation training plan to respond to the current situation.

“So we ask for data in each region, collect, close together, make a joint training. So tomorrow whatever happens we are ready,” Yusri said.So far, said Yusri, DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s policy is still social distancing or physical distancing. There are no policies regarding area quarantine or lockdown.”Jakarta is not familiar with quarantine. If the government wants to do it, please, but we must practice first, we cannot lockdown,” he said.

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Hoax, Circulating Message Calling the Corona Virus Incubation Peak March 23-April 3

Circulating chain messages containing a warning not to leave the house from March 23 to April 3, 2020. The message claims the date mentioned is the culmination of the corona virus incubation.The message was spread through the WhatsApp conversation application since March 27, 2020. The message also contained a narrative of the incubation phase of the first two weeks of infected people appearing, two weeks later the calm period and the next two weeks began to decrease.

The following is the contents of the chain message.Just got this info: Starting tomorrow, don’t leave the house looking for food or for anything, because the worst thing is starting, the date of incubation has arrived and many who are positively infected will show symptoms and many people can get it, so it’s very important to stay home and not related to not meeting other people, being very careful is very important.From March 23 to April 3 we have to take care of ourselves, because we will be at the peak of the spread of the virus in two weeks, usually within two weeks all that is infected will appear then there are two quiet weeks and then two more weeks start to diminish.

Circulating South Jakarta Street 2020
Circulating South Jakarta Street 2020 Placement Data to Prevent Corona,

* What happened in Italy is that this cycle was ignored during the transmission season and that is why all cases are mixed together *.* And finally, don’t accept visits from anyone, even from the same family. This is all for the good of all. *WE WILL BE AT THE MAXIMUM INFECTION LEVEL.


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Search Results

After a search on the Google search page with the keyword “prohibition from leaving the house from tomorrow”, two news articles appeared titled “Viral Hoax Prohibition to Get Out of the House March 28, Government: Just Delete!” . The news was published on the page Friday edition, March 27, 2020 with the main spokesperson of the Government Spokesperson for Handling Covid-19, Achmad Yurianto.

The following contents of the article.Jakarta – A chain message appears that forbids people from leaving the house on Saturday (28/3) tomorrow due to bad things about the Corona virus outbreak said to be happening, transmission will occur a lot. The government confirmed the message like a virus is a hoax. “Indeed, this is terror of information.Yuri made sure there would be no bad things related to the increased transmission of the Corona virus on March 28 tomorrow. Explanation of the hoax that it is considered incubating the momentum is not reasonable.

“It is impossible. That message can make you laugh. Basically, what is the virus that can determine March 28? As far as I know, the virus does not go to school and cannot read the calendar,” Yuri said.The viral message was concluded with very typical hoaxes, namely, “Don’t ignore this message, share it with all your contacts.” Yuri believes the community is getting smarter and not easily consumed by hoaxes. The best way to fight a hoax is to not forward the hoax’s message.”Just delete it. It wouldn’t hurt to delete messages directly like that,” Yuri said.

Here are the messages that you need to delete directly from your messaging application because this message is a hoax.

Just got this info

Starting tomorrow 280320, don’t leave the house looking for food or for anything, because the worst is starting, the date of incubation has arrived and many who are positively infected will show symptoms and many people can be infected, so it is very important to stay home and not relate to no meeting other people, being very careful is very important.From March 23 to April 3 we have to take care of ourselves, because we will be at the peak of the spread of the virus in two weeks, usually within two weeks all that is infected will appear then there are two quiet weeks and then two more weeks start to diminish.

What happens in Italy is that this cycle is ignored in the transmission season and that is why all cases are mixed together.This is all for the good of all.WE WILL BE AT THE MAXIMUM INFECTION LEVEL.DO NOT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE, SHARE ALL YOUR CONTACTS

Based on these search results, chain messages circulating on WhatsApp are hoaks. The message allegedly came from sources that could not be accounted for.

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PLN News Provides Electricity Bill Relief for Working from Home Only Hoaks

Lately, information has been circulating in the community regarding compensation from PT PLN (Persero). In the information circulating, this SOE is said to provide bill payment relief to customers because it runs a work from home (WFH) policy.General Manager of the Jakarta Raya and Tangerang Distribution Unit Ikhsan Asaad stressed that the news was not true.

The information is hoaks,” Ikshsan told, quoted Monday 30 March 2020.PLN Public Relations Disjaya Dita Artsana added, so far the compensation that had been given by PLN was a gantin for the result of a power outage that occurred in August last year.”At present there is no policy from the Center,” he said.

Circulating South Jakarta Street
Circulating South Jakarta Street Placement Data to Prevent Corona,

To note, information circulates through applications that reply to the message that PLN provides compensation due to WFH policy. in the message is accompanied by a link to the PLN website.The compensation provision is specifically for PLN customers in the Banten, DKI Jakarta and West Java regions.

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Put Peeled Shallots in the Room Can Avoid Corona, Check the Facts!

Not only through social media and online news, news about how to deal with Covid-19 also spreads in the WhatsApp messaging application.One of the tips on how to treat Covid-19 which is now viral is the one shared by Mbah Juminten Haha Hihi’s Facebook account, on March 23, 2020.In a post that was later distributed via WhatsApp, it was said that onion can prevent corona virus. It doesn’t even need to be eaten.The following is the message that says onion can cure a disease caused by a corona virus infection called Covid-19.

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. * DISCOVERY OF DOCTORS IN CHINA TO DATE GUMS, BACTERIA, AND VIRUSES IN OUR HOUSES * Today the Corona virus outbreak is spreading throughout the world. In Indonesia alone is increasingly growing. There is an interesting event in China. When the epidemic Corona virus is spreading in many places in the world, there is a family that is completely untouched by the Corona virus.There is a doctor who is surprised about this and he visits that family.This doctor found that this family every day put peeled onions on the bowl and put it in every room in the house.

Finally the doctor took one of the bowls with peeled onions and with the bacteriological method the doctor found that the entire surface of the onion was full of viruses and germs that were already inactive.The onion turns out to suck the virus and germs then focus it into the intra-cell, then digest it in the vacuole and kill it.Not only viruses, but also bacteria, germs, all of them are collected there in an inactive or dead condition.

Then the doctor also saw that there were several shops in China that also installed shallots around the shop and were also free from epidemic attacks and found that their employees were healthier.Finally the doctor came to a conclusion: So place a few peeled onions in a bowl, place them in the bedroom and living room.Change every day, then you will be free from all viruses and bacteria including Corona virus.Finally this doctor made an experiment: He had a patient with severe pneumonia or pneumonia and was undergoing treatment. So this doctor took some onions, then he peeled and put in a bowl and then placed next to the patient’s bed overnight.

At first he himself felt strange. Even her medical doctor friends thought she was practicing magic.The next morning the doctor was shocked because it turned out that the onion had turned black. And when the onion was taken and examined in a laboratory it turned out that the onion was full of germs and bacteria.Every day this doctor installs onions and if it has blackened then discarded and replaced with new ones.It turns out that this doctor’s patient healed faster.

So let’s start now, we will put onions that have been peeled. Put it in a bowl and place it in the room, living room, warehouse, and every corner of the room. Hopefully the viruses, germs and bacteria in your home will be completely absorbed by onions.Spread the word to friends, relatives, relatives, so they can also prevent the Corona virus.Hopefully if people already know this secret the price of shallots does not go up ???? _ “The big question for citizens is is it true that onions can overcome Covid-19? Has it been clinically tested?

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Here’s the Real Facts

After doing a search about the claims of onion can overcome all kinds of virus attacks, even the corona virus, it is found that is quite surprising.Using Google Search, search leads to an article published on the official website of the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) Apparently, the news that onion can cure Covid-19 is a mere hoaks. This was explained in an article entitled ‘[HOAKS] Benefits of Shallots Can Absorb Viruses’ uploaded by the Ministry of Communication and Information on February 15, 2020.

Hoaks, the Benefits of Shallots Can Absorb Viruses.”This information is just a myth as explained by one of the sources of the National Onion Association (NOA). An organization representing farmers, traders, exporters and importers of shallots in the United States that has existed since 1913.In an article, the site explains that raw onions that are cut and placed in a room, then can absorb germs and poisons, are just a myth.

“There is no scientific evidence that cut raw onions can absorb germs or reduce air from poisons,” the article wrote. According to the article, the myth has indeed been legendary and spread throughout the world. “According to Kominfo, the news that onion can ward off this virus is only a long-standing myth, but it was revived in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak that hit Indonesia today.

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Not Scientifically and Clinically Proven

Meanwhile, evidence that onion can ward off Covid-19 is just a hoax published in the article Spurious Health Tip – Onion on Feet to Take Away Illness, published on on June 5, 2018.According to the article, the claim of onion can absorb toxins, germs, and even viruses is not based on scientific evidence or clinical evidence. Moreover, onions are only placed on the feet or in the room.”The terminology that onion is a ‘magnet for bacteria’ makes absolutely no sense. There is no food that attracts bacteria, otherwise some are more likely to multiply bacteria if contaminated,” said Dr. Joe Schwarcz, from the Office for Science and Society, McGill University.

Shallots actually have several benefits that are beneficial to human health. However, to get the properties and benefits, we must consume onions.Apparently, the hoax about the efficacy of onions to ward off the corona virus also spread to Myanmar. But the British Government website denied this in a release titled, UK aid to tackle the global spread of coronavirus ‘fake news’ on March 12, 2020.The site reports one of the hoax news that spread in Myanmar is to advise people to sleep next to onions that have been cut or chopped.

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Early Myth Development

The early development of the myth of onion can absorb all the germs, bacteria, and viruses described in the article titled Will an Onion in the Room Stop a Cold or the Flu? which is posted on .Quoting the statement of The National Onion Association , it was mentioned that traditional medicine by putting raw onions in the room began in the 1500s.During the bubonic plague outbreak that year, pieces of onions were placed around the house, to prevent people from contracting the deadly disease.

At that time the community believed that all diseases spread in the air. Cloud of illness or miasma is believed by the people in the past as a cause of epidemic diseases.During the flu pandemic that killed millions of people in 1918, there was also the habit of putting chunks in the room.So the conclusion is that the claim that putting peeled onions can ward off Covid-19 is not based on scientific evidence. Efficacy of onion can not be obtained by just putting it in the room, but by eating it.

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