China and US Injecting Patients Use High Doses of Vitamin C,

Here’s the explanation from the experts.

Doctors and scientists around the world are trying to find ways to stop the transmission of the new corona virus that causes Covid-19.The latest, Covid-19 patients are given high doses of vitamin C as an effective way to cure this disease for which there is no cure.However, some medical experts warn that there is no evidence to support high doses of vitamin C as a valid treatment for containing Covid-19.

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Previously, Newsweek reported on Thursday, March 26, 2020, that high

doses of vitamin C were given to Covid-19 patients in hospitals in New York, United States.According to the US magazine report, vitamin C is injected into patients in doses far higher than normal. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends doses for male patients as much as 90 milligrams per day. Whereas for female patients the dose reaches 75 milligrams per day.

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Similar treatments are also being tested in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei

Province in China, which is the first time a new corona virus has been detected.Union Hospital, which is a place for treating large numbers of severe Covid-19 patients in Wuhan, said it had also tried the therapy.”We also do the therapy, along with other drugs because most of them are in severe conditions,” said Professor Liu Shi, a doctor at Union Hospital.

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According to Professor Liu, administration of vitamin C in high doses is still safe compared to other vitamins. Unlike vitamins A and D, vitamin C will not cause poisoning if consumed in high doses.”Because vitamin C dissolves easily in water so it can be excreted (removed from the body) easily,” he added.Vitamin C is often recommended as a food supplement for people with colds, but it is not considered a cure for diseases such as influenza.

China and US Injecting 2020
China and US Injecting 2020 Patients Use High Doses of Vitamin C, Can Kill Corona?

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Meanwhile, Professor Yang Jinkui, from Tongren Hospital in Beijing, said there was no scientific evidence supporting the use of vitamin C as a therapeutic drug for patients with Covid-19.Any suggestion that says vitamin C can be an effective drug for Covid-19 is ‘totally unfounded’.”In my understanding, it might function as a placebo because there is no specific cure for this new disease,” Yang said.Wang Xiaogang, a doctor at Beijing Hospital, who has treated Covid-19 patients in Wuhan, agrees with Yang.”There is no clinical evidence to prove that vitamin C really helps. This is something that is useless,” said Wang.

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