Case of Djoko Tjandra Increases, Now the Corruption Suspect is Arranging Fatwa MA

Djoko is suspected of giving gifts to individuals so that the Supreme Court (MA) issues a fatwa that cannot be executed.

Number of criminal cases involving Djoko Sugiarto Tjandra has increased. The convicted person in the Bank Bali cessie case has now been named a corruption suspect in the processing of fatwas at the Supreme Court by the Attorney General’s Office.

“Today investigators have named one suspect with the initials JST. Our suspicion is Article 5 paragraph 1 letter a of the Corruption Law Number 31/1999 or Article 5 paragraph 1 letter b of the Corruption Act or Article 13 of the Corruption Act,” said the Head. Attorney General’s Office of Information and Law, Hari Setiyono, quoted from

The deepening itself was carried out in the last two days.

“I think that the JST suspect is a convict, how do I get a fatwa so that he won’t be executed by the executor, in this case the prosecutor’s office,” said Hari.

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Hari said the case occurred in the period November 2019-January 2020. Djoko allegedly tried to give gifts or promises to the MA fatwa management. However, Hari has not provided information regarding the involvement of people in the Supreme Court. Investigators continue to deepen this allegation.

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Attorney Pinangki Detained, Becomes Corruption Suspect Related to Djoko Tjandra

Attorney Pinangki Sirna Malasari has been named a suspect by the Attorney General’s Office regarding the escape of a convicted person in the Bank Bali note (cessie) case, Djoko Tjandra. Pinangki is now in detention after being arrested on Tuesday night, August 11, 2020.

Case of Djoko Tjandra Increases
Case of Djoko Tjandra Increases, Now the Corruption Suspect is Arranging Fatwa MA

“Based on the evidence, it is felt that it is quite suspected of being a criminal act of corruption. Information Center, Hari Setiyono, Pinangki will be in detention for the next 20 days. Determination of the suspect was carried out after the prosecutor’s investigators found sufficient evidence of Pinangki’s involvement in Djoko Tjandra’s escape.

“After being declared a suspect, the investigators immediately arrested the suspect at night, and that night they were detained for the next 20 days,” said Hari.

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Pinangki is suspected of being involved in the bribery case of the convicted Djoko. The status of this case was raised from investigation to investigation after the issuance of an Inquiry Order Number: Print-47 / F.2 / Fd.2 / 08/2020 by the Director of Investigation, Jampidsus at the AGO. the LHP is seen as sufficient preliminary evidence of a criminal incident,” said Hari.

The investigating team led by Prosecutor Viktor Antonius examined three witnesses regarding the alleged bribery of Pinangki. In addition, two people from the private sector who are suspected of knowing about the incident are scheduled to be investigated. However, two people from the private sector were not present when summoned. Each reasoned that he was sick and there were activities.

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