We willl not show you a generic list of sites to watch movies like Netflix, Amazon Video, Mr Piracy, etc … These websites allow you to view all newly released content.

Many of them are blocked regularly, it is necessary to pay attention to how to proceed with the unblocking, many times these sites create new domains or create subdomains to escape the block.

It is important to emphasize, we do not have any affiliation with the following websites, if you really want to see this type of content, take all kinds of necessary precautions. But we didn’t come to give a talk on what you should do, right?

1 – Tuga. tv

The undisputed king of website streaming sites !! For those who walk in these wanderings, the Tuga. tv is the continuation of the old tugaflix.com project.

The website has a very simple interface, easy to navigate. The small cons will be some of the ads that may interfere with navigation (pops. ads), but we all know that the only way for websites streaming profitability is through these ads.

We choose the desired film/series and are faced with the choice of the streaming. The streaming servers used maybe some of the following:

  1. MixDrop
  2. OpenPlayer
  3. GoUnlimited

We can count on the latest series and movies, but all content only serves as streaming without the possibility of Download. It is also possible to contact the team and make requests about new content.

2 – Mr. Piracy

MrPiracy is almost 6 years old and remains one of the best to see movies online subtitled. Although not as appealing as the design, it is quite simple and easy to navigate through the site.

This manages to be one of the most used, not only because it is one of the sites with the longest life, but with the vast list of films and series that it has. But it doesn’t stop here, MrPiracy we can also see Animes, or if we want to search for celebrities in the list that the site provides. An excellent website for Subtitled online movies.

3 – Popcorn Time

Otherwise, you know the popcorn Time, then get to know him! Perhaps the best free program to see all the content you want…

And it’s not just movies! Also series and even anime. popcorn Time it relies on Peer-to-Peer technology, just like torrents. Unlike many streaming hosting content on media servers (openload, Mediafire, mega), the P you will connect to the various users who own the film.

It has a very clean interface, without advertising, in the application we can find the most recommended content, most viewed, popularity order, etc.

It has support for several operating systems, such as Windows, macOS, Linux, and even Android. A good idea is to have an android box connected to the television and install Popcorn and make your living room an authentic cinema room!

If you are interested in a high-quality TV Box with Android, click here.

4 – Filmes Online Vip

If you want a site with films of excellent quality to have to visit the Movies Online Vip, one of the best when it comes to quality, as well as the interface, is very easy to handle.

As you can see in the image above, the menu is simple to understand and you can search categories of movies, search by year, Top IMDB (the ones with the best marks worldwide) or series. What to say about this site? Simply amazing.

5 – Filmes Online Plus

A website that has a good amount of movies, some translated into PT-BR, others subtitled, a website to be taken into account. Little to say about the Movies Online Plus, you have the menu to choose the genre you want or if you prefer you can search now for the film you are looking for.

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