Using PPE, the wife of the Chairman of the West Papua IDI Accompany the body of her beloved husband

Late dr. Titus is a Covid-19 patient, while his wife is also a doctor who is currently recovering from the virus.

The heartbreaking story of doctors and medical personnel who have lost their lives because of Covid-19 seems endless. Another sad news came from the IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association), this time from West Papua. Doctor Tirus Kaba, Chairman of the West Papua IDI, has died because of Covid-19. His wife, dr. Jenny, who is also a Covid-19 patient and is still recovering, doesn’t want to just let her husband go.

Wearing pink hazmat or PPE, Dr. Jenny faithfully accompanies her husband’s body. Deep sorrow was seen when he cried on the coffin of dr. Titus. Photo of dr. Jenny, when accompanying her husband’s coffin, was uploaded by the Twitter account @aik_arif and made many people sad.

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 “Trenyuh. Dr. Jenny, the late wife of Dr. Titus Taba, Chairman of the West Papua IDI, also in the midst of recovering from Covid-19, accompanied her husband’s body. Dr. Titus was the 94th doctor who died of Covid-19. Still we ignore it? How much do we want? again who must die ?, ” wrote @aik_arif.

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Announced on Instagram IDI

The Indonesian Doctors Association uploaded a photo of the late Dr. Titus Kaba on Instagram. From the photo statement it was written that dr. Titus is a specialist ENT-KL (Ear, Nose, Head, Neck) practicing in West Papua.

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Fajr Prayer, Farewell Doctor with Covid-19 in His Last Struggle

The sad news comes again from medical personnel in the midst of the corona pandemic. One of the internists, Dr. dr Adnan Ibrahim SpPD died due to being infected with Covid-19. The doctor who worked at Pelamonia Hospital in Makassar breathed his last at the age of 47 on Friday, August 15, 2020. He previously underwent treatment for 3 weeks at Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital, South Sulawesi.

Using PPE, the wife of the Chairman
Using PPE, the wife of the Chairman of the West Papua IDI Accompany the body of her beloved husband

The departure of this doctor who graduated from Gadjah Mada University (UGM) left grief for his colleagues. During his acquaintance with the deceased, Doctor Adnan was known to have a good personality. One of the deceased’s colleagues uploaded the final testimony regarding Dr. dr Adnan Ibrahim SpPD. “I am Dr. Wachyudi Muchsin SH, testify that you are a senior and a good colleague, even very good and I testify that Allah Rabbul has experienced Adnan, your servant is a righteous person,” wrote dr. Wachyudi on Facebook.

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Sending Cues

Dr. Wachyudi described the condition of dr. Adnan since the second day lying in the hospital. At that time, the deceased was wearing a mask connected to a non-invasive ventilator machine because it was difficult to breathe. “But at that time, you still took the time to send a signal to your beloved wife in front of you. The tips of the forefinger and left thumb of your left hand are linked, a symbolic sign which means: I love You,” said dr. Wachyudi.

On the 8th day, Dr. Dr. Adnan Ibrahim SpPD was required to enter the ICU room. At that time he was still in good consciousness even though his breathing was getting heavier.In the midst of struggling to catch his breath, he noticed the patient next to him had his shirt exposed. “From behind the snorkle mask you whisper in the ear of your wife, ‘Mi, please buy clothes for the patient next to me, sorry for the cloth being exposed’,” continued dr. Wachyudi.

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Last Fajr Prayer

Entering the 9th day, the non-invasive ventilator was no longer able to compensate for dr. Adnan. The ICU team of doctors decided to intubate. Before the big action was taken, dr. Adnan asked permission to perform dawn prayers on the bed. “The prayer that you have always lived for decades as a form of your loyalty as a servant to His khaliq, was very devastating in that morning,” he said.

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The last message

Before laying down in the hospital, dr. Adnan also gave a message to colleagues via the Whatsapp group. “If you ever say in wag, please look for me in the hereafter if my fate is” unlucky … “but … now we are all increasingly convinced that we are, who hope you find us later in the afterlife,” he said.

Dr. dr Adnan Ibrahim SpPD is the 5th doctor in Makassar who died fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. “God willing, 5 colleagues, teachers and our seniors, their acts of worship will be accepted by Allah SWT Alfatihah.” the lid.

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