RCTI Becomes a Trending, Fiersa Besari’s Comments Are Highlighted

What does Fiersa Besari think?

Timeline Twitter is being shocked by the lawsuit that is currently being filed by RCTI and INews TV. Many netizens discussed this lawsuit, so that RCTI was included in the list of “Trending Topic Indonesia” on Thursday, 27 August 2020 until today. As is known, the station owned by the MNC group filed a lawsuit regarding the judicial review of the Broadcasting Law to the Constitutional Court. If the lawsuit is granted, netizens in the country will no longer be free to live on social media. Be it on Instagram or Facebook.

Live activities on social media will later be categorized as broadcasting, so individuals, business entities, or legal entities will be forced to have a license to become a broadcasting institution. Those who fail to meet the broadcasting licensing requirements will be considered illegal broadcasters. So that they must be disciplined by law enforcement officers. This is because broadcasting without a license is a criminal offense.

This is what then annoys netizens. Tweets of annoyance and disappointment at the station, which recently turned 31 this year, immediately flooded the Twitter mass line.

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Fiersa Besari’s comments

This issue was also highlighted by the author and singer, Fiersa Besari. As one of the creators on social media, Fiersa Besari expressed her objection if the television station’s lawsuit broke.

“RCTI is not OK,” tweeted Fiersa Besari.

“Imagine, again on Instagram Live, which only watched one person, it was also the authorities because your live content did not have a permit. Wakwaw sad,” said Fiersa Besari in the second tweet.
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Improve Quality If You Don’t Want To Be Competitive

Not only Fiersa Besari, the lawsuit has apparently become a hot topic of conversation in the community. Many netizens expressed their opinion, asking television stations to improve the quality of their programs if they did not want to be less competitive with live broadcast content on social media.

“SO GINI @OfficialRCTI if the live stream must use permission. Yes later. It’s good that you restore the program to the way it used to be. Rich Cartoons From 06:00 to 12:00, “wrote the account @ Bryan48119134. “RCTI is like a child who reports to parents. if the live stream feature is threatening your company, COMPETE! Don’t just know to report to small children, ”said the Artemislrc account.

RCTI Becomes a Trending
RCTI Becomes a Trending, Fiersa Besari’s Comments Are Highlighted

“What does RCTI really want? You should think about why people today are lazy to watch TV, because the quality is bad and old. How come there are hundreds of episodes of soap operas with the storyline that is getting ridiculous. Lack of educational shows for children, etc., ”said the account @lahmanasaiatau.

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Article being challenged

RCTI and iNewsTV submitted a judicial review of the Broadcasting Law to the Constitutional Court (MK). The lawsuit with Case number 39 / PUU-XVIII / 2020 and the first trial will be held June 22, 2020.

What is being sued is only Article 1 paragraph 2 which states, “Broadcasting is the activity of broadcasting broadcasts by means of broadcasting and / or means of transmission on land, at sea or in space by using a radio frequency spectrum by air, cable, and / or other media in order to be able to. received simultaneously and simultaneously by the public with the broadcast receiving device. ” Until now there has been no official statement from the MNC Group regarding the lawsuit against the Constitutional Court which went viral on social media.

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