Avoid it! This Is What Happens When You Eat While Standing

In Islam, eating standing is forbidden. Apparently, there are health reasons behind you know.

Eating or drinking while standing seems to have become a habit for some people. The parents of ancient times also gave advice not to eat while standing because it was considered farewell or rude.In Islam too the Prophet in several traditions forbade his people to eat and drink while standing.Apparently this is not just mere advice. Because from the medical side, eating while standing also should not be done because it can cause several things.Reporting from Sehatq , here are some things that can happen to the body if you eat while standing:

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Eat more

There is a public belief that reveals, eating while standing can help you lose weight than sitting position. Even though that assumption is scientifically reversed.Eating while standing allows people to eat food relatively quickly.As a result, it has the potential to increase the portion of food more. As a result, increasing the calories consumed. So, overeating can contribute to weight gain.Some studies also show that eating slowly and not in a hurry can reduce appetite and increase satiety.

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Avoid it! This Is
Avoid it! This Is What Happens When You Eat While Standing

Triggers Hunger After Eating

A study linking stomach emptying faster can increase feelings of hunger.Someone who eats while standing or walking will experience faster stomach emptying.This will make it easier for someone to feel hungry after eating.This hunger occurs even faster than people who just stand still or sit. As a result you will go back to eating or eating lots of snacks.

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Not Enjoying Food Deliciousness

When someone eats while standing, you will not enjoy the delicious food you consume. Even if you eat more, it does not mean you enjoy the taste of the food.The feeling of not enjoying the delicacy of food arises because it does not feel relaxed when consuming it.In a study of the Journal of Consumer Research found, standing for several minutes can cause stress. Even makes the tongue more difficult to work well.

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When someone eats while standing, he can eat faster. That causes an increase in the amount of air that is swallowed during meals.Swallowed air has the potential to make the stomach feel bloated and gassed, and of course it can make you uncomfortable.The more upright the posture, the faster the digestive process. This results in less time for nutrients to come in contact with the intestinal wall making it more difficult to absorb it.Even poorly digested carbohydrates tend to ferment in the intestines and cause flatulence.

Besides the negative effects that arise, it turns out eating while standing is also believed to have a positive effect for people with acid reflux.People who experience acid reflux often are advised to stand up straight when eating and for several hours after eating.This is done to prevent the return of stomach acid into the esophagus. Eating while standing or sitting up straight can also reduce the pressure in the stomach thereby reducing the possibility of reflux.

Even so, there are still more negative possibilities that can arise from eating in a standing position. Of the several effects that can be caused by eating while standing, it would be better if you eat in a sitting position.Eating while sitting can make a person feel relaxed, focus on food, enjoy it slowly, and chew more.Research also shows that focusing during meals can increase satiety, and reduce the possibility of overeating. So, eat in a comfortable sitting position and stay away from cell phones, computers, tv or other distractions for a while.

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