Pedicab Allegedly Corona Turns Hunger

Ad, his figure lay rigid on his own rickshaw.

Sad story takes place again in the middle of a corona pandemic. A pedicab driver was found unconscious on the edge of the city of Cirebon.The news, which was released by Twitter user @ black__valley1, was recorded in two short videos.Had allegedly passed out due to contracting Covid-19, apparently the pedicab driver collapsed due to starvation.

Pedicab Pedicab 2020
Pedicab 2020 Allegedly Corona Turns Hunger

Events in Cirebon, calculated corona virus, pedicab driver fainted because of hunger,” wrote an account @ black_valley1. In the video, appeared a middle-aged man dressed in orange swooning over his own pedicab.
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Had a convulsion

Pedicab driver who fainted due to starvation was lying stiff after experiencing seizures.”Ask for help. This pedicab driver has convulsions, cannot be questioned,” said one police officer in the video.The pedicab driver was found by a resident who happened to be passing by. He saw the man convulsing before reporting to local officials.A number of Cirebon Satpol PP officers then went to the location. But the pedicab driver still looks stiff and does not move.

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Citizen Comments

Upload was immediately enlivened by citizens. Many netizens are sad to see it. Not a few others actually compare it with the attitude of some online motorcycle taxi drivers who often complain.”Long live for ojol who like to complain, long all the time, up to 300 years,” said @nandaskuy. “It’s so sad to see, O God. Long live sir, ” said @ Serlin_Ok. “Even on Friday, why don’t you go to the mosque. Sure you get a meal box … God willing, in every mosque there is now city rice or free snacks … Dimedan gituh #cmiiw, ” said @ almerfahleri. ” Let’s move, at least give money to the pedicab driver … even though it’s 10,000 for him valuable, which is important compact movekkkkk, “

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