Mrs. Yulie, who starved before dying, asked for help, but was refused

Yulie died on Monday, April 20, 2020.

Yulie Nuramelia, died after enduring hunger and only consumed gallon water for two days. The news of the death of the residents of RT 03/07, Lontar Baru Sub-District, Serang District, Serang City, Banten, has become a concern amid the corona virus pandemic.Head of RT 03, Agus Jakaria, claimed to have brought the deceased Yulie’s file to the local government to submit social assistance (social assistance). However, the family data was rejected because it was written working as a janitor.

Local government thinks Yulie’s family has a steady income, which is a monthly salary. In fact, Yulie’s husband, Mohamad Holik, works as a ‘janitor’, more precisely a scavenger.Holik’s income is erratic, averaging only Rp30,000 per day. That much money must be shared to eat with Yulie and her four children.

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Considered Not Included in the category of recipients

I brought 15 Head of Families (KK) data, 5 I brought back because I was not included in the category, including Mr. Holik, because of his work status as a janitor. I took the file to the Social Welfare, I told the deceased I brought the file back again. , According to Agus, assistance from volunteers for the Yulie family came since Saturday, April 18, 2020. That was after the Yulie family was preached by the media for holding hunger and drinking gallon water for two days.”(Assistance from the government) is not yet available, on Saturday, there was a lot of help coming in the afternoon,” Agus explained.

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Experience Headaches

Agus claimed to have received a story from Yulie’s sister, the deceased had a headache on Sunday 19 April 2020 and could not sleep at night. The next day at around 3:00 p.m. WIB, Yulie breathed her last.”I had a chat with his sister, there was a complaint in my head, lack of sleep, said Pak (officer) Puskesmas (wanted to meet with his sister) to interview with his sister, wanted to know his complaints (deceased),” explained Agus.

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No Income and 2 Days Just Drinking Water, IRT in Serang Died

A housewife in Lontar Baru Sub-District, Serang District, Serang City, Banten, Yuli, breathed her last on Monday, April 20, 2020. It was found she had been able to hold hunger for two days and only drank gallon water.Yuli’s family was affected by the corona virus pandemic. They have no income to survive because of losing their jobsCamat of Serang, Tb. Yassin confirmed the news. He said Yuli was pronounced dead at 15:30 WIB.

Mrs. Yulie,
Mrs. Yulie, who starved before dying, asked for help, but was refused

“I got the information from the Lurah, via telephone. I was half past four to the location (the house of the deceased),Yassin said the cause of Yuli’s death was not yet known exactly. He just got the information, Yuli died when he was taken to the Singandaru Community Health Center.”I don’t really know because of what. What I know is when the deceased was being taken to the Singandaru Community Health Center, before there were no lives,” he said.

Yassin claimed to have visited Yuli’s house on Sunday, April 19, 2020. At that time, he said, Yuli’s condition was still in good condition.”It was fresh. I had a chance to talk, I had a photo. Sunday, Monday later, I got word from the Head of the Village, he was in the Singandaru Community Health Center and his condition was dead,” said Yassin.

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Not Covid-19 Infected

Spokesperson for Covid-19 Serang City Task Force, W Hari Pamungkas suspected Yuli died of a heart attack, not starvation. He confirmed that the cause of Yuli’s death was not due to being infected with the corona virus.”The official visa will be submitted tomorrow, I am sure it is not related to Covid, not because of starvation, but because of a heart attack. The question can be severe questions from those around him.

Official visa will be submitted by the health center tomorrow, but I asked the doctor for suspected heart,” Hari said.Hari said from the report he received, the deceased was a capable family and was very likely to buy daily necessities.”Everyday reports from local area officials come from families who are all capable, meaning that to buy cigarettes and rice can still be able to,” he said.Hari said that the deceased’s family entered the status of Serang City Social Safety Net (JPS).

The City Government (Pemkot) of Serang has provided food aid on April 18, 2020.”Assistance has been provided and after checking is included in the JPS data collection. This means that in terms of government responsibility, we move quickly to resolve the issue,” he said.

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Hunger and Gallon Water Consumption

According to the information obtained, Yuli had difficulty in fulfilling family needs. Even for two days, Yuli and her four children could not eat.For the sake of enduring hunger, he and his family only drink refill gallons of water.”For the past two days we have only been drinking refill gallons of water. The children said they were hungry too, just drinking water,” Yuli said, last Friday.

Yuli complained to the local neighborhood unit (RT) and asked for food assistance. However, the RT claimed not to have received assistance from the government.”I have already come to RT. He said I couldn’t get help,” said Yuli.

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Life from Finding Used Goods

To make a living, the husband is often looking for used goods. The result can bring money to the house in the range of Rp. 25 to Rp. 30 thousand.”Not bad, sometimes one day can get Rp25-30 thousand. Buy one liter of rice for the six of us, and even save money,” he said.Before the corona virus struck, Yuli’s family life was helped by her eldest son who had a job. However, that hope vanished because the child had been dismissed from his job.”My son used to work. Now it is laid off because his workplace is closed. Add, the last salary is not given,” he said.

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