Voluntary Trial of COVID-19 Vaccine: Fever 2 Days, Tired and Drowsy

How is the result?

A number of scientists are currently struggling to find a vaccine for the corona virus. The World Health Organization (WHO) said there were already around 35 companies and academic institutions working on the vaccine research and trials.In China, tests have been conducted since March 19 involving 108 volunteers from Wuhan. Among them, there is a volunteer named Xiang Yafei, 30 years old.

Xiang, a restaurant owner in Wuhan, shared his experience as a former voluntary corona virus vaccine trial in China. He claimed to have carried out voluntary work since the end of January when Wuhan imposed a lockdown, the South China Morning Post reported .In mid-March, one of his friends provided information about vaccine studies and asked if he was interested in joining volunteering.

At first Xiang was scared because there was no certainty about the vaccine. He also asked about the risks that would arise but felt better when doing small-scale research.This vaccine, which was made in Wuhan, was in fact developed by the Academy of Military Medicine and CanSino from the United States.

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Experience of Being a Volunteer

On March 16, 2020, Xiang went to the research team’s office and met with Major General Chen Wei. He is the head of the vaccine development team.”I was given the first vaccine injection on March 19 and was immediately put into quarantine for 14 days. Before the injection, I underwent a rigorous physical examination. Then I learned that there were more than 5,200 people applying to volunteer,” explained Xiang.

As a volunteer, Xiang’s job is to help scientists develop the vaccine. He did not feel any symptoms at that time. He thought that this vaccine was successful and could be marketed immediately.After receiving the injection, Xiang had a fever of 37.6 degrees for two days. He felt like catching a cold with symptoms of fatigue and sleepiness. But on the third day, his condition improved and felt healthy.

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Voluntary Trial of COVID 19 2020
Voluntary Trial of COVID 19 2020 Vaccine: Fever 2 Days, Tired and Drowsy

Quarantined Together with 108 Other Volunteers

Xiang told, in the facility there were 108 volunteers divided into three groups based on low, medium and high drug doses. He himself entered into a low group so that he only gets one dose. Volunteers with the middle group received one dose as well and the high group volunteers received two doses.The restaurant owner doubted the researchers would let him know the results. But according to the suggestion, Xiang had to do four blood tests over the next five months to find out whether there was a corona virus antibody in his body.

When quarantine, he just rested. He had previously been a voluntary ambulance driver in Wuhan and worked every day to bring corona virus patients to the hospital.”I was really busy for more than a month, so the 14-day quarantine period at the research facility gave me a chance to relax and sleep. The food was also nutritious and varied,” he joked.

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Quarantine Activity

Xiang and other volunteers must stay in their rooms and are not allowed to visit each other. He is also required to check the temperature every day and must report when feeling symptoms.”I just read books and exercise in the room. Some volunteers practiced calligraphy, some played soccer with rolls of toilet paper, some jogged, some composed songs and some made videos about their lives in quarantine and uploaded them to social media. our own room, “he explained.

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Experience as an ambulance driver

Being an ambulance driver in the middle of a corona pandemic as it is now is tense. That is how Xiang feels.According to him, being an ambulance driver when it was a race against time to try to get people to the hospital as fast as possible.At first he was afraid of being infected and infected. But he was told no one wanted and dared to be an ambulance driver.

“I have a license to drive a minivan, so I decided to do it. I think we young people should contribute to society, especially during difficult times,” Xiang said.He also brought a pumpkin in his minivan as good luck according to Chinese myth.

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Restaurant business in Wuhan

Xiang claimed to lose half a million yuan, equivalent to Rp1, 1 billion in income when the corona outbreak came. He decided to temporarily close his restaurant on January 21, before the official lockdown announcement.He wanted his workers to leave Wuhan and return to their hometowns so they could be with their families.”Right now I am preparing to reopen my restaurant.

I need to do a lot of cleaning and disinfecting so that my customers feel comfortable,” he explained.The situation in Wuhan is now getting better. He is proud of everything Wuhan has done and hopes that the corona case will reach zero and life will return to normal.”I also feel happy and proud of myself,” Xiang said.

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