Worried Covid-19, Sulbar Female Student Isolation in the Central Rice Field Hut

He hopes not to infect others.

Limbong Bamba (25), a resident of Tondok Bakaru Village, Mamasa District, Mamasa Regency, West Sulawesi, voluntarily underwent independent isolation for 14 days in a family hut in the middle of a rice field.Limbong Bamba, the son of Edi and Ruth, is a student at a university in Cianjur Regency, West Java. He chose homecoming because of the university’s policy of diverting online learning due to the Covid-19 outbreak.On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, Limbong arrived in his village and immediately went into isolation. He claimed the family had prepared a place and needs for him while undergoing independent isolation.

Before leaving from Cianjur, I had planned to do isolation when I arrived in my village and that was conveyed to my family,” Limbong said.Limbong took the initiative to do independent isolation even though the environment and the place where he was studying in Cianjur was still relatively safe from the virus.”There I lived in a dormitory, but I was afraid that there would be no dormitory children infected with the virus and positive, so I chose to return home,” he said.

Although he claimed that his health condition was fine, he was worried that he had once touched another person on his way to the village. This he did to break the chain of corona virus distribution that claimed tens of thousands of lives.I sincerely undergo isolation in the middle of rice fields alone, although there is a sense of longing to gather, but this is for the sake of them and other residents,” he said.

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Village Head Gives Appreciation

Matheus Daniel Dessaratu, Head of the Tondok Bakaru Village, appreciated the initiative of Limbong and his family. He hopes other villagers can do the same thing.This is very good in breaking the chain of the spread of this virus,” Matheus said.He requested that residents of his village who had just arrived from outside the area immediately report to the local government. This step is for the common good in dealing with this pandemic.”Immediately report if a family has just arrived, especially from outside the area, so we can take preventative measures,” Matheus hopes.

Matheus also added that his party and the local government are ready to help citizens who want to do independent isolation. If you do not have a private place for isolation, will be provided to help undergo insulation.”We will prepare a place, even food for those who undergo isolation we will help,” said Matheus.

According to Matheus’s confession, besides Limbong, there was also a resident who underwent independent isolation in his family’s hut. The resident was known to be a worker who had just returned from East Luwu Regency in South Sulawesi.”There is also one of our residents on behalf of Gustin Raya who has just returned from Soroako, who has been doing independent isolation for four days in his family’s cottage in the garden,” concluded Matheus.

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Returning from Abroad Children Refuse Self-Isolation, Mother Is Infected with Corona Virus

Some countries affected by the Covid-19 outbreak issued a rule that citizens returning from overseas must be quarantined for 14 days before being able to reunite with their families.This is a very important step to ensure Covid-19 does not spread any further. But there are still citizens who do not obey the rules so that it is fatal for family members.A case in Thailand proves the importance of independent quarantine and why we must truly comply with the rules set by the government.

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Worried Covid-19 2020
Worried Covid-19 2020 Sulbar Female Student Isolation in the Central Rice Field Hut

Does not show symptoms of being infected

According to The Nation website , a Thai woman transmits the corona virus that causes Covid-19 to her mother after refusing to quarantine herself after returning from abroad.Sharing his story on Facebook, Dr. Opass Putcharoen, head of the Emerging Infectious Diseases Clinical Center at Chulalongkorn University, said that most people who come from abroad sometimes show no symptoms or signs of early infection with the corona virus.

Because of this many of those who returned from abroad decided not to quarantine themselves. Like the woman in this case who showed no symptoms even though she was a carrier (carrier) corona virus from abroad.

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Mother contracting unwittingly

As if nothing had happened, this woman immediately returned home and mingled with her mother. As a result, the mother contracted the virus from him without realizing it.The woman only started showing symptoms a few days later, but by then it was too late. His mother has already been infected.

The mother seemed to have the flu for six days even though the results of her lung X-rays seemed normal.However, he had difficulty breathing a few days later and had to be treated in an intensive care unit (ICU).

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Can Happen in Indonesia

Dr. Opass then stressed the importance of quarantine itself and urged everyone to obey the rules set by the government.Although this case occurred in Thailand, this can also happen in Indonesia. It all depends on us to reduce the number of positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia.

So, study and work from home. Follow social distancing recommendations and do your own quarantine if you just got home from abroad.

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