Hajj Funds Considered for Handling COVID-19

Until now there are no signs that Covid-19 will decline.

Proposal to use Hajj funds to help deal with the corona virus emerged during a virtual meeting of the House of Representatives Commission VIII with the Ministry of Religion.Member of the Democratic Party Commission VIII, Nanang Samodra, proposed that the Minister of Religion divert Haj funds for handling the Covid-19 corona virus.

However, the proposal has requirements. Hajj funds can be used, said Nanang, when the Hajj 2020 is canceled.. The reason is that until now there are no signs that Covid-19 will decline,” Nanang said.At present the 2020 Ministry of Religion budget has been diverted to handle Covid-19 amounting to Rp2.6 trillion. The budget comes from the education function of IDR 2.2 trillion and the religious function of IDR 400 billion.

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Ministry of Religion Prepares

Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi will review the proposal. However, Fachrul hopes that the government funds will be sufficient to handle the corona virus, so there is no need to allocate the pilgrimage funds.”About the possibility of the pilgrimage being postponed, maybe the funds can be diverted to Covid-19, maybe we will review it further later. Hopefully the funds provided by the Minister of Finance will be sufficient so that there is no need to divert the funds,” Fachrul said.

Responding to the preparation of the 2020 pilgrimage, Fachrul said if until mid-May 2020 there was no certainty of the implementation of the pilgrimage, the Ministry of Religion was ready to dispatch pilgrims from Indonesia.”We see signs, for example a week ago, the Grand Mosque was previously closed for tawaf, but a week ago it also returned for tawaf. So we see this hopefully later on the positive side, hopefully,” he said.”If it is decided in the middle of May (hajj), go, I think we are still ready to go,” said Fachrul.

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Handling COVID-19 2020
Hajj Funds Considered for Handling COVID-19 2020

The Minister of Religion Makes a Scenario If the Hajj 2020 is Held or Canceled

Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi explained a number of scenarios regarding the implementation of the pilgrimage in 2020. This scenario was conveyed because there was no certainty related to the decision to implement Hajj in the middle of a lockdown by the Saudi kingdom.The first scenario regarding the pilgrimage process that is held with quotas and normal services. This condition could possibly occur by minimizing the impact of the corona virus in Saudi Arabia to zero.

“Another scenario is to limit quotas. Hajj is held with quota restrictions,” said Fachrul, during a joint meeting of the House of Representatives Commission VII, Wednesday, April 8, 2020.Fachrul predicts that the quota limitation will reach 50 percent. For this reason, the Ministry of Religion will select more in pilgrims and pilgrims.”Adjusting the terms and conditions of the agreement with the Hajj Mission Office in Saudi Arabia,” he said.

The final scenario is the implementation of the pilgrimage in 2020 has been delayed. Fachrul said, the delay could arise because the kingdom of Saudi Arabia closed the entrance to its territory and the Ministry of Religion did not have enough time to prepare.He explained, the pilgrimage delay could also not occur due to security reasons. For example, the Indonesian government does not send pilgrims.

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Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory Is Ready To Be Used As Covid-19 Isolation Room

Isolation Room for Patients Under Supervision (PDP) Covid-19, at Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory Jakarta, ready to be used. This message was delivered by the Head of the 19th Covid Prevention Task Force at the Ministry of Religion Ali Irfan.The Jakarta Hajj Dormitory Main Building was handed over by the Minister of Religion, Fachrul Razi for temporary use as a Covid-19 isolation room to the Jakarta Hajj Hospital on March 22, 2020. Since then, the preparation process has been carried out.

Currently, there are five rooms that can be used. And it is not impossible if needed it will continue to be added, “Ali Irfan said, Tuesday, April 7, 2020.Ali said, the five isolation rooms were for handling Covid-19 medium class. “If there is something positive, then we will refer to hospitals that have become national references,” he said.”The existence of this isolation room is a form of the role of the Jakarta Hajj Hospital and the Ministry of Religion to be involved in handling Covid-19,” he said.

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For stable PDP

Managing Director of the Hospital. Jakarta Hajj Syarif Hasan, explained that the prepared isolation room was in accordance with the standards of the DKI Jakarta Health Service, the Ministry of Health, and WHO.”Every PDP patient occupies a one bed room. Cannot be combined. Up to standardization of case services under the supervision of health workers, in general and in specific terms, can be maximized, “Syarif said.The Isolation Room which is in a severe condition remains in the hospital.

This room is a room for PDP that is stable, has no symptoms, or mild symptoms. “For patients who are positive, they will still be referred to the referral hospital,” he said.Previously, one of the doctors at the Hajj Hospital who was also a member of the Ministry of Religion Prevention Co-19 Task Force dr. Mahesa said the isolation room was prepared with special facilities.

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Rest Room

Facilities include negative pressure rooms, drug and nutritional support, and a coordinated swab inspection process. “Monitoring was also carried out for 24 hours while the process of coordinating the referral to the Covid-19 referral hospital,” he said.The Pondok Gede Hajj Dormitory Main Building consists of four floors.

According to Dr. Mahesa, the third floor will be used as a break room for officers who must self-isolate after close contact with patients.”It will evaluate the addition of treatment rooms on the 3-4th floor according to the surge in patients and the capacity of the referral hospital,” he said.

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