Covid-19 Victim Heirs Receive IDR 15 Million in Compensation

The government also reserves rice.

Director General of Poor Handling of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Asep Sasa Purnama, said the heirs of Covid-19 patients who died will receive a compensation of Rp.15 million.The Ministry of Social Affairs of Indonesia provides compensation to the heirs of Rp.15 million per person who died,” said Asep, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.According to Asep, the provision of compensation is one of five forms of support provided Ministry of Social Affairs to the Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19.

The gift, he added, was also a form of attention and condolences from the country to the victims and their families who were left behind.In channeling condolence funds, the Ministry of Social Affairs needs to verify the list of victims. So that until now these funds have not been distributed evenly.

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Food assistance program

In addition to preparing compensation funds, the Ministry of Social Affairs also ensured rice reserves for the needs of poor and vulnerable families who experienced difficulties during the Covid-19 outbreak.The Ministry of Social Affairs had previously circulated letters to governors, regents and mayors, to use government rice reserves in accordance with the authority of each regional head. Regions that feel inadequate supply can propose it to the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Previously, the Minister of Social Affairs, Juliari Peter Batubara, said that the increase in the basic food aid program index which had been set to Rp 200,000 per March-August 2020 could be extended if instructed by the president.The government increased the assistance of the nine-basic-necessity program from IDR 150,000 per month to IDR 200,000 aimed at 15.2 million Beneficiary Families (KPM) during the six months to August 2020, as an effort to overcome the impact of the corona virus or Covid-19 on the Indonesian economy .

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Kadin Donates Rp300 B for Medical Devices to Erick Thohir

Kadin and Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation visited the Ministry of BUMN. Both of these parties support the government’s move to deal with the corona virus.This support was realized by providing medical device assistance received by the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir,Alhamdulillah, in the form of goods and Rp300 billion have been collected less, “said Chairman of Kadin Indonesia, Roslan Roeslani, in live streaming with Erick Thohir in Jakarta, Tuesday, March 24, 2020.

The assistance provided was 5,000 units of rapid test kits to the Athlete’s House, 2 thousand units of PPE, 10 thousand masks to Garuda Indonesia for pilots and flight attendants, and 5 thousand rapid test kits for Pertamina Hospital.Rosan said that at this time large companies were intervening. He also invited local companies to do the same thing.”Of course we are very open,” he said.

Covid-19 Victim 2020
Covid-19 Victim [2020] Heirs Receive IDR 15 Million in Compensation

Managing Director of Sinar Mas, G. Sulistiyanto, said the spread of the virus was very fast and not picky about victims. For this reason, fundraising needs to be done.”We see that the SOE Ministry which oversees a number of public service entities must get support,” said Sulistiyanto.He said the companies committed today were Ciputra Group, First Resources Ltd, Mulia and Wilmar International.The donation development report will be submitted to President Joko Widodo.

Thank you to the government for the importation and taxation of medical devices,” said Sulistiyanto.Meanwhile, Erick admitted that he was touched to see entrepreneurs who work hand in hand in dealing with the corona virus. “I am touched at this time when the Indonesian people continue to show mutual assistance. This has become the strength of the nation, “he said.

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SOE Minister’s Stance Erick Thohir Faces Pandemic Corona

The Ministry of BUMN moves quickly to respond to the impact of the corona virus pandemic. A number of strategic steps are prepared.”In accordance with the direction of the President, we must focus on three things, namely health, social safety, and maintaining people’s purchasing power,” said Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir, in a live streaming press conference in Jakarta, Friday, March 20, 2020.In the health sector, Erick ensured that the Ministry of BUMN has human resources (HR) in the health sector and will use SOE CSR to procure medical devices.

The SOE Ministry has purchased corona test kits from other countries which have been submitted to the Ministry of Health for distribution to the public. There are two types of test kits, namely the saliva and blood test kits.”We prioritize the saliva. The saliva test will be used for hospitals, “he said.The SOE Ministry also produces 4 million masks that can be obtained by the public in all drug stores and the location of buying and selling medical devices. It also collaborates with the Ministry of PUPR, BNPB, the Corona Handling Task Force, and the Ministry of Health to make the Athlete Wisma a makeshift hospital for the treatment of people infected with the covid-19 virus.

Health workers will also be deployed.Erick said that the private sector will also be involved in helping to overcome the corona virus outbreak. It is said that they are ready to assist in the procurement of masks and other medical equipment such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).“Thank you for the trust given by the private sector and the community to us,” he said.

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Kick in the Field of Economics

Erick does not deny the corona pandemic is currently hitting many business sectors. The worst are hotels, restaurants, tourism and airlines. To anticipate this, the Ministry of SOEs will coordinate with a number of related agencies in order to relax the policy, especially in reducing the red plate bank interest rates.It is said that the business sector which has a good track record, will get the relaxation assistance. Lots of UKM affected (corona virus pandemic), “he said.

The ministry will also issue bonds to help the country’s foreign exchange. Good companies will be chosen to issue debt securities.Erick will also conduct a buyback of a state-owned company that is still in process. It is planned that there will be six SOEs that are focused on conducting buybacks including PT Bukit Asam Tbk, PT Telkom Tbk, and PT Jasa Marga Tbk.”Now, this is momentum. The stock price is down, “he said.

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