Bored Because of Lockdown, Occupants of Rusun Hold Live Karaoke

Malaysia has imposed restrictions on the movement of its citizens since March 18, 2020. Since then, Malaysians are encouraged to remain indoors and only travel if urgently.The policy was implemented to prevent the spread of the corona virus. This is because Malaysia has a fairly high case of Coronavirus Disease-19 (Covid-19) infection.Limitation of movement would make people bored. Especially those who live in flats.To ward off boredom, a man held a live karaoke.

Not invite people to gather, but he sang on the terrace of his apartment.He directed the loudspeaker towards the garden in the apartment. So that all apartment dwellers can hear it.Then, the man sang a song called ‘Saya Anak Malaysia’ on the terrace of the apartment. He also danced to make many people cheerful.

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Make Everyone Cheerful

The action was enshrined by the man’s neighbor, Shauna Joan, through his Facebook account.”Our neighbor is having a live show! In difficult times like now, it is very important to spread a little excitement and stay positive. Stay at home, Malaysian children! We can do it!” he wrote.
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This Nurse Photo After Work 48 Hours Is Making Her Sad

Nurse from York, UK, Dawn Bilbrough, 51, makes a video containing a thrilling message. He asked the public not to get lost in spending due to the corona virus pandemic.The video was made after he left the supermarket. He intends to shop after finishing work shifts for 48 hours, but found nothing.Many supermarkets in York suffer from a supply vacuum due to panic-buying.

Bilbrough had a little cry to find that fact.”Stop spending more food than is needed, I remind the key workers who take care of you when it is at its lowest point,” Bilbrough said.He did not find any fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, the two food items are important to protect and many public workers to stay healthy.”I don’t know how I can stay healthy. And those people, people have bought up staples. You just have to stop it,” Bilbrough said.”Because people like me will take care of you when they are at their lowest so stop, please!” he said.

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Bored Because 2020
Bored Because 2020 of Lockdown, Occupants of Rusun Hold Live Karaoke

Quick Buyers

Circulated a photo of a paramedic on social media and was a hot topic of conversation. The photo shows the paramedics who were desperate to see empty shopping shelves in a supermarket owned by Sainsbury’s.Some supermarkets impose restrictions to prevent panic buying in the UK. Either by limiting operational hours to limiting the number of items that can be purchased.Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisons ran out of goods due to the invasion of buyers, especially toilet paper, hand washing soap, and toothpaste. Fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and bread stock are also missing.There are also buyers who use violence as happened in one shop in Ilford, east London earlier this week. The buyer pushed the elderly buyer outside the crowded shop.The local government has actually issued an appeal to avoid panic by saying the supply of goods is very sufficient. However, the appeal was ignored.

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Medical Workers Pray in Hazmat Clothes, Make Netizens Amazed

Corona virus outbreak forces people to be vigilant. In the current conditions, the medical team is a very important party.They are at the forefront of handling the effects of the corona virus. The medical team is struggling to save those who are infected, as much as possible.Feelings of depression certainly exist in their minds. Even so, they still work for humanity.A viral photo on social media, shows a medical team working to ward off the impact of the corona virus.

In the midst of busyness, prayer is never left.What boasts is that there is a prayer medical worker in a state of permanent wearing a hazmat shirt complete with a mask and protective glasses. These clothes are special clothes that are used when dealing with viruses.

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Viral on Social Media

The photo was uploaded on the Hawler Teaching Hospital 2020 Facebook account. In the upload, there was a description of the photo taken at a hospital in Erbil City, Iraq.Wearing hazmat clothes is not an easy matter. There are a number of procedures that must be followed.Before using, a person must take a bath to get rid of germs on the body. After that, wearing a mask, head protector, and wearing a hazmat shirt.The procedure must be carried out to avoid contamination.

That way, the user cannot get the virus.Erbil is one of the cities in Iraq that is infected with a positive corona outbreak. In total, there were 60 confirmed cases of corona virus infection in Iraq.

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