Kerala Lottery Result Today: Live Kerala State Lotteries Result 2020

Kerala Lottery is one of the largest lotteries that are famous as well as played by millions of people in India. When it comes to the name of lotteries it is Lottery Sambad result that stood unique as well as popular at same time because Kerala Lottery is widely used lottery around the country.

Kerala Lottery is famous simply because it has appeal of penetrating the hearts of most of the common people of the country. It was need of hour for the makers of lottery to go to the doors of common population of India and they did it very well in the shape of Kerala Lottery.

We all know that fact that India is a second-largest country in the world in term of population and also have a large chunk of people who belong to the common class. They are the regular user of the Kerala Lottery and, hence, make  Kerala Lottery is a one of the biggest lottery chains of the country.

Unlike other lotteries that we have witnessed and are witnessing Kerala Lottery is circulating in more than one state and that’s why the makers are in a position to claim that their product the  Kerala Lottery is the one that can rightly be called top-notch product of the country.

It is a fact that millions of people around the country are playing  Kerala Lottery daily as Kerala Lottery provides the opportunity to win a huge amount thrice each day. They think that Kerala Lottery may be the way that can fulfill their dreams because of Kerala Lottery has the impression to do so and doing as well.

Kerala Lottery is a name of building the dreams as millions of common people are connected to the platform of Kerala Lottery and are hoping for best to change the course of people. Let us discuss different aspects of Kerala Lottery

Lottery Sambad Result 2020

The people that are connected to Lottery sambad know very well about the results as well as the resulting process. It is because they are the regular players of Kerala Lottery and, hence, they know all about results of Kerala Lottery.

Lottery Sambad Today
Lottery Sambad Today 11:55AM, 4PM & 8PM Result 2020

But people who are new to game of Kerala Lottery are not well equipped to the Kerala Lottery results as they do not use it. They look for something concrete to know about the overall information regarding results of Kerala Lottery.

so, that they could easily penetrate the magical lottery system that has become the heart-beat of millions of people across the country. If you are one of those who are new into valley of Kerala Lottery and want to know about Kerala Lottery results then you are on the right spot.

Here we are going to share with you a complete set of information regarding Kerala Lottery results that will be considered the need of the hour for all of those who are new to the most important system of lottery that is  Kerala Lottery

Kerala State Lottery Result Today

Today Kerala Lottery Result from keralalotteryresult. First prize only 80 lakes Today Kerala bhagyakuri result is Pournami (RN-434) today, weekly lottery draw conducted by Kerala lottery department at using Lottery Machine, live results starting at 3.00 pm.

Kerala lottery is a big initiative launched by the government of Kerala over 53 years ago. The idea is initially brought forward by the finance minister of Kerala state government P.K. Kunju Sahib since 1967. The main aim of the scheme is to provide job opportunities to the unemployed and the government to attain economic stability by obtaining finance. Many people have been able to fulfill their responsibilities by winning the prize of the Kerala lottery.

Kerala lottery
Kerala Lottery Result Today: Live Kerala State Lotteries Result 2020

Pournami lottery RN-434 MRP is Rs.40/- only. officially lottery results from 4:00 PM to 4:15 PM. The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the Kerala lottery results published in the Kerala Government Gazette surrender the winning tickets within 30 days. winning holder get after the deduction of 10 % plus 30% total 40% deduction yesterday old Kerala lottery result in Kerala lottery result today live

Kerala Lotteries
Day of Draw
First Prize
Rupees in
One Ticket
Summer Bumper
31 March 2020
6 Crores
Win Win
Sthree Sakthi
Karunya Plus

it is very important to know about the process of Kerala Lottery’s results because before going into the land of the lottery you must have all the equipment that is necessary for the positive performance in  Kerala LotteryHere are some of the important points which we think are the most important for operating handsomely into the field of  Kerala Lottery

How To Claim Your kerala Lottery Prize Money

If you are that one in a million lucky winner, then waste no time. You need to surrender the prize-winning lottery ticket within 30 days of the draw with all the necessary documents to the Directorate of State Lotteries if the prize money is above Rs 100,000, or to the concerned District Lottery Offices if the prize money is Rs 100,000 or less.

The following documents need to be submitted:

  1. Prize-winning ticket(s) with the signature, name and address of the winner affixed on the back side of the ticket.
  2. A claim application along with a Photostat copy of both sides of the ticket, self attested.
  3. Then Two Passport size photographs of the prize-winner duly attested by a Gazetted Officer/Notary.
  4. And A receipt for the prize money in the prescribed form affixing a revenue stamp worth Rs.1/- with full address of the prize-winner. You can download the form from the Kerala Lotteries website.
  5. If the prize winner is a minor, Guardianship certificate from a competent authority.
  6. In case of joint claims, one of the prize-winners should be authorized to receive the Kerala Lottery prize money and a ‘Joint Declaration’ in stamp paper worth Rs. 50/- should be executed.
  7. Self attested copy of the PAN Card.
  8. Attested document to prove identity ( Aadhar Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card etc)

Prize amount can also be claimed through Nationalised, Scheduled or State/ District Co-Operative banks. And small prize amounts, Rs 5,000 or less, can be claimed form your local lottery agent by surrendering just the winning ticket.

Lottery Sambad Results Timing

It is most important question to ask before going farther into valley of Lottery sambadIt is because without knowing the timing it is almost impossible to invest as well as locate lucky turn for the next results. That is why most of seniors, as well as successful players, know all knowledge about the timing of Kerala Lottery Results

Looking at deep criterion to crack the hard nut of Kerala Lottery, most important aspect that everyone should know is to have a piece of thorough knowledge about timing of Lottery Sambad Results. Let’s have a look at timing process of Kerala Lottery

Timing of Lottery Sambad results covers three areas of a day and these are morning, noon and night. First time when Kerala Lottery results opens is 11 am and, hence, is considered most important period as it is the first result that opens for Kerala Lottery. 

Second time regarding Kerala Lottery results that cover the noontime is 4 pm which is equally important as morning time is. It is the time when most of the common people participate in Lottery Sambad to win the prize so that they could change the outlook of their poor as well as dull life.

Third and last time regarding results time of Nagaland State lottery is 8 pm in night. It is last time of Nagaland State Lottery results, as well as the closing of all day when the overall loss and gain measured by people who are regular investor in Kerala Lottery, Kerala Lottery and Nagaland State Lottery. 

Sikkim State Lottery Result 11:55 AM

Sikkim State Lottery (লটারি সংবাদ) Today. Now the waiters are finished, now you can become a millionaire by lottery. You can see result of sikkim state Lottery Result 2020. It’s a web-based web site the place you can get all details about lotteries is out there for the customers. This web site is up to date on a every day bases. Lottery sambad is a house of gold that Lotterigad is anxious to get. Licensee stalls attract crowds of millions to get lottery tickets. You can get lottery smabad results from here in a very easy way

Sikkim Sikkim State Lottery
Sikkim State Lottery : Sikkim Lottery Result 11:55 AM

Are you searching for today’s Sikkim Lottery Result? So you are on the right website. We regularly publish Sikkim State Lottery Result here. Sikkim State Lottery 11.55am Result is published exclusively on this webpage,

which you can also call Dhankesari Morning Lottery Result. On this website you can see lottery sambad results of almost all India. This webpage is updated daily at 11.55am. The goal of this website is that all India Lottery Result be found on the same website.

Sikkim State Lottery
Lottery Name Sikkim State Lottery
State Name Sikkim State
Draw Date Today 09 March 2020 – 09-03-2020
Draw Time 11:55 AM Morning – Mor
Draw Number 28th Draw
Ticket Price 6 INR
Lottery Link Sikkim State Lottery
Result Website
Result Status Waiting/Available
1st Prize 1 Crore

Weekly Draw Schedule & Names

Days Draw Names

First Prize Detail

Days First Prize
Friday 25.30 Lakhs
Thursday 25.31 Lakhs
Wednesday 25.25 Lakhs
Tuesday 25.26 Lakhs
Monday 25.27 Lakhs
Sunday 25.28 Lakhs
Saturday 25.29 Lakhs

Draw Prize Complete Detail

Position Prize
1st Prize 25.30 L
Cons. Prize 1000
2nd Prize 9000
3rd Prize 500
4th Prize 250
5th Prize 120

West Bengal Lottery Result 4:00 PM

If you are searching for West Bengal State Lottery Result today, then you are on the right website. Here we publish West Bengal State Lottery Result 4pm daily. West Bengal State Lottery It is known as West Bengal West Bengal State Lottery 4pm. West Bengal State Lottery Result is also known as West Bengal State Lottery Results 4pm.

west bengal lottery
West Bengal State Lottery : West Bengal Lottery Result 4:00 PM

Here you daily West Bengal State Lottery Result Ll:55 Am and Kerala Lottery Results Can also see 8PM. All these West Bengal State Lottery Result will be in PDF format, which you can easily download. You can become Lakhpati by purchasing West Bengal State Lottery ticket for just Rs. 6 / -. The first winner of West Bengal State Lottery will receive an amount of Rs 26 lakhs. With which you can achieve a lot in your life.

West Bengal State Lottery
Lottery Name West Bengal State Lottery
State Name West Bengal State
Draw Date Today 09 March 2020 – 09-03-2020
Draw Time 04:00 PM Day – Day
Draw Number 94th Draw
Ticket Price 6 INR
Lottery Link West Bengal State Lottery
Result Website
Result Status Waiting/Available
1st Prize 50 Lakhs

Weekly Draw Schedule & Names

Days Draw Names

First Prize Detail

Days First Prize
Friday 26 Lakhs
Thursday 26 Lakhs
Wednesday 26 Lakhs
Tuesday 26 Lakhs
Monday 26 Lakhs
Sunday 26 Lakhs
Saturday 26 Lakhs

Draw Prize Complete Detail

Position Prize
1st Prize 26 Lakhs
Cons. Prize 1000
2nd Prize 9000
3rd Prize 500
4th Prize 250
5th Prize 120

Nagaland Lottery Result 8:00 PM

Are you looking for lottery sambad today Result? So you are on the right website. Result of 8 pm of Nagaland Lottery results, Nagaland State Lottery is published exclusively on this webpage. On this website, you can see lottery sambad results of almost all India.We publish updated lottery Sambad results daily here. You can find lottery Sambad 11:55 am, 4 pm and 8 pm results here. The Details of the Nagaland State lottery Sambad today is below. You can just check it or download it in pdf format also.

Nagaland  Nagaland State Lottery
Nagaland State Lottery : Nagaland Lottery Result 8:00 PM

On this webpage you will see Nagaland State Lottery Night Result 8 pm Result. If you are looking for today’s Nagaland State Lottery Night Result 8pm? So you have come to the right website. Today we will know about the Nagaland Lottery 8pm Result. You can download this Dhankesari Nagaland State Lottery Night Pdf.

Also you can see Nagaland State Lottery Result 11:55 am, Nagaland State Lottery Result 4pm and Kerala State Lottery Result on this site. This Nagaland State Lottery Result is mainly searched with this keyword Nagaland State Lottery Night Result . You can try your luck by buying Nagaland State Lottery ticket for just 6 rupees.

Nagaland State Lottery
Lottery Name Nagaland State Lottery
State Name Nagaland State
Draw Date Today 09 March 2020 – 09-02-2020
Draw Time 04:00 PM Evening – Eve
Draw Number 73rd Draw
Ticket Price 6 INR
Lottery Link Nagaland State Lottery
Result Website
Result Status Waiting/Available
1st Prize 1 Crore

Weekly Draw Schedule & Names

Days Draw Names

First Prize Detail

Days First Prize
Friday 25.30 L
Thursday 25.31 L
Wednesday 25.25 L
Tuesday 25.26 L
Monday 25.27 L
Sunday 26.28 L
Saturday 25.29 L

Draw Prize Complete Detail

Position Prize
1st Prize 25.30 L
Cons. Prize 1000
2nd Prize 9000
3rd Prize 500
4th Prize 250
5th Prize 120

This time is very important for people who are hoping for the best in the shape of some miracle. They think the last time of night as mirror of their dreams and think quite passionate about Kerala Lottery Results during the night. That was all about timing of Lottery Sambad Results

How to Check Kerala Lottery Results

Process to check Kerala Lottery Results is very easy but for those who are well aware of the resulting process of Kerala LotteryThe people who are new to Kerala Lottery are not quite sure about checking of  live Kerala Lottery Results

We are well aware of the fact that there several websites that are claiming to be the best for checking live Kerala Lottery Results but they are not as good as they claim. It does not mean that do not have any positive impact regarding the resulting process of  Kerala Lottery, but the matter of discussion is different here.

Sometimes it has become biggest problem to get live Kerala Lottery Results by these so-called websites and that’s the time when real difficulty appears. But do not worry as we are going to share some tips to avoid such kinds of difficulties which appear most of the time in the process of live checking of Kerala Lottery Results. 

If you are new and want to avoid such kinds of disturbances then stay tuned with us so that you could get the top-notch ideas to overcome those problems. Platforms that everyone must use for the checking of live Kerala Lottery Results are BDF and PDF.

Users of Kerala Lottery can check live Kerala Lottery Results free of cost as these platforms are good enough to facilitate the users most impressively. Looking at the current appeal of the platforms like BDF and PDF we can assume that these are helping the new as well as regular users of  Kerala Lottery in a way that is very helpful and effective.

Kerala Lottery Prize List

We all know that the appeal of prizes of Kerala Lottery is very huge over the people who use to play it regularly. It is attraction of the huge prize money of Kerala Lottery which catches the attention of the millions of people who belong to common community.

lottery result 2020
Kerala Lottery results: Today 11:55AM, 4PM & 8PM Results 2020

It is reason that Kerala Lottery is widely played lottery across the entire nation and is very close to the dream life of those people who are seeking some kinds of magic from Kerala Lottery. Those who are the regular users know exactly the impact of the huge sum of money and those who are new to Kerala Lottery are strongly under the magical impact of Kerala Lottery

But there are still people who are either completely new or unaware of the actual amount of prizes of Kerala Lottery which they can get by getting lucky enough to enter into the winner’s list. If you are among those who are completely new to Kerala Lottery then you must follow the complete list that we have created about winning prizes of Kerala Lottery

1st Prize is always big and important for participants as everyone wants to win the 1st Prize at any cost. Prize money of Kerala Lottery  for the winner of the 1st Prize is 26 lakhs Indian Rupees.

The 2nd Prize is worth 9000 and it is received by the persons that are declared winners in the  Kerala Lottery. 

The 3rd Prize of Kerala Lottery is of 500 Indian Rupees. This money is given to the people who do win the 3rd Prize of the lottery system of  Kerala Lottery. 

money of the 4th Prize of Kerala Lottery is 250 Indian Rupees and is received by the people who are declared winners for the 4th Prize of this magical lottery.

5th and last Prize of lottery of Kerala Lottery are low as compared to other prizes as it is only worth of 120 Indian Rupees.

Yes, you heard it right as we are going to disclose the complete list of the winning prizes of Kerala Lottery right here in this article. To get a complete impression you just stay tuned with us as all we need is your true attention to grasp what we are going to tell you. Here is a complete list of the prizes of  Kerala Lottery. 

What is Kerala Lottery

Kerala Lottery is the leading platform of lotteries across India. Kerala Lottery was a newspaper initially but after the initial success, makers changed the appeal of this newspaper. They decided to change appeal of the newspaper by converting it into a lottery system and they gave it name of Kerala Lottery

They made it look acceptable and accessible in an easy way so that the common people of the country could easily build a connection to Kerala LotteryMagical appeal of Kerala Lottery has made people crazy about the overall impression of Kerala Lottery and they started taking part in Kerala Lottery immediately.

Criteria regarding Kerala Lottery are very simple as the investing process along with results happens three times a day. Here, one thing is very clear that the prize money in Kerala Lottery is very high and covers several people creating an impressive attitude among the users.  Kerala Lottery is one of those lotteries which are in the same form as well as shape as it was started back then.

Makers of Kerala Lottery decided not to change either the criteria or the overall look of this magical lottery to remain very close to the hearts of those who have been connected to  Kerala Lottery over the time. And this formula worked very well among the audience as they felt the same impression for this beloved lottery as Kerala Lottery’s officials thought about players.

Looking at current pace as well as the overall appeal of the magical lottery the Kerala Lottery one can easily presume that this will be the best expression of the people who do love lottery game. In this way, people who are the regular participants into Kerala Lottery have become the real power of Kerala Lottery

Why Kerala Lottery is Popular 

popularity of Kerala Lottery is only based on its humungous appeal as millions of people are connected to this platform and playing their part in making  Kerala Lottery the product that can be called the top-notch one.

Kerala Lottery is circulating in several states across the country and creating an impressive as well as penetrating appeal among the people who do love to play  Kerala LotteryWe all know that initially Sambad was a newspaper but later on it was converted into platform of Kerala Lottery by introducing one of  largest lottery systems of the country.

The stakeholders of your beloved lottery the  Kerala Lottery decided to touch the wide range of people and, hence, they started with several states. After successful launch and the initial success they decided to stretch their arms farther and, hence, they targeted all the selected areas and get results from Kerala Lottery which was part of the planning.

Kerala Lottery has the impression to make people rich in a moment and that was the shot that the makers planned to create the right buzz for Kerala LotteryTrapping under the woven net of the officials of  Kerala Lotterypeople fell in this game like daily routine doings and most of the joining people belong to common community.

This community that is the power of Kerala Lottery as it is this community that pushes  Kerala Lottery into the zone of the largest playing game. And a fact that is obvious to all of us is that when a game, no matter how difficult or outbox, enjoys millions of fans across a country like India which is the second-largest in population in the world will become the number one immediately.

The same has happened to  Kerala Lottery as it has become the apple of the eye of millions of people in no time. That is the reason for becoming the first choice of the people and, currently, a huge chunk is under the magical impression of  Kerala Lottery. 

Several years have been passed but Kerala Lottery is still one of those games which are widely playing across the country India and the appeal of  Kerala Lottery is enhancing impressively over time which is one of the matchless compliments for voice of people Kerala Lottery. Here are some of the aspects which are responsible for popularity of Kerala Lottery

Kerala Lottery Has a Huge appeal

Yes, you heard it right that impression of Kerala Lottery is widely impressive and people from all over India are fond of it. They love to take part in current game of Kerala Lottery because they think it is made for them to change poor look of their lives.

In areas where normal people are living, Kerala Lottery has the overlook of a blank check as most people think that it is like a blank check to them which is definitely going to cash one day and that day will hit their doors very soon.

They think in that way because of some of the examples which are setting tone for them as several people who were like them previously but after winning Kerala Lottery they have changed within no time. This gives them hope to become rich in a just blink but truth is that  huge chunk of community is just losing whatever they have.

It seems that their luck is not working accordingly and, hence, they are getting right ball to hit a six. Yet, Kerala Lottery is still hope to convert the course of their life from zero to at least fifty. This is approach that is creating an impressive buzz for Kerala Lottery and, hence.

Kerala Lottery is penetrating daily lives of millions of people who are hoping against the hope to become rich without facing tough realities of life. Anyhow, in spite of all these facts Kerala Lottery is still the number one choice of the people and, currently is enjoying status of the number one lottery of the country.

Kerala Lottery offers Big-Money

It is true about  Kerala Lottery that one of the most important aspects that add a special impact to popularity of Kerala Lottery is a big amount. Here, right at the platform of Kerala Lottery, you can easily win a huge amount of money which is big both in numbers as well as impact.

That’s why popularity of Kerala Lottery is sky-high among the people across the country of India. People are investing in  Kerala Lottery to make a huge amount of money that Kerala Lottery offers in terms of its winners.

People are well aware of the fact that the winners of the lottery of  Kerala Lottery win an amount that changes lives of people forever as they were never a part of common community. They think that maybe this is their time to crack the hard nut of Kerala Lottery and become among those who have changed their lives completely by winning prize money of Kerala Lottery. 

One thing that is must-known fact about Kerala Lottery, is the amount of 1st prize of  Kerala Lottery which as huge as 26 lakhs. We all know that it is a huge amount as well as has impact to change the lives of people forever and, hence, people from all over the nation think that they must try it.

It is another factor that whether they are winning the sum or not yet they are following  Kerala Lottery in hoping to gain some success by winning 1st or at-least 2nd prize to be among the people who are called winners. But truth remains in operation which is the overall appeal of Kerala Lottery.

that it is creating a huge impression among the common community of India. They are following Kerala Lottery and are ready to face the consequences in shape of loss of money without bothering or minding the losses.

Kerala Lottery has a Legal Status

Aspects of popularity of Kerala Lottery is also legal status of Kerala Lottery. Yes, you heard it right as Kerala Lottery is one of those lotteries that enjoy legal status in some states of India. We all know that the lotteries are considered illegal and, hence.

They are banned throughout the country and people take part in system of lottery on its own as no one has the guarantee of anything. Though illegal stuff is popular among the people from all over globe, the legal status adds more charm to product.

Same is in case with Kerala Lottery as Kerala Lottery has legal status in some  states of India for example Nagaland. Yes, you heard it 100% percent right that the state of Nagaland of India offers legal status to Kerala Lottery and that is a thing that most of common people love.

People of state of Nagaland are very much fond of fate and chance and, hence, do very much believe in Kerala Lottery as its savior from the crises of life. They know that it is legal to take part in gambling of lotteries such as Kerala Lottery.

 it is kind of approach that pushing them into the field of Kerala Lottery. same kind of impression can also be traced in several other states of the country which is basic force behind the immense popularity of Kerala Lottery

People of the state of Nagaland are the true example for those who are taking the chances in their life by following the pattern of Kerala Lottery. These were some of most important aspects that are responsible for making the product of Kerala Lottery immensely popular among millions of people.

Why Kerala Lottery is Trustworthy

The impact that is emerging into minds of people about the overall impression of Kerala Lottery is whether one can trust upon Kerala Lottery or not. It is because we all know that the lottery system in almost around the globe is considered one of illegal businesses to operate.

People, though, operating such businesses with almost 100% percent surety yet the question still rises into minds of people. Further, it is people who are claiming some kids of stories regarding Kerala Lottery which creates a negative impression about Kerala Lottery

And as long as the fear of trust about Kerala Lottery is concerned, it is pretty much obvious that they are right. This is case with most of the people who are new to Kerala Lottery and, hence, do not know completely about Kerala Lottery that whether Kerala Lottery is trustworthy or not.

They think that it is quite possible to be cheated in this lottery game as the lottery business if not appreciated across the nation. If you are one of those who are new to Kerala Lottery or want to join the Kerala Lottery in future then you must not worry as it is completely trustworthy.

When we talk about the status of the trust of  Kerala Lottery we mean it is legal to operate the  Kerala Lottery within the borders of the country. Yes, it is true about Kerala Lottery that it is legal to operate as the states have given  Kerala Lottery a legal status. That’s why you can easily trust process, money and Kerala Lottery Results

Because of handling of state, Kerala Lottery Results are 100% transparence and there is no room for any corruption. It is supervised by states themselves to pave the way for the users from all over the country to be the regular players of Kerala Lottery as well as to highlight  Kerala Lottery as one which is the best in every way.

Spreading beans of the positive as well as effective attitude regarding Kerala Lottery, the states are simply fulfilling their responsibility that is the need of the hour. So, guys do not worry and just go with flow as Kerala Lottery is, no doubt, one of those platforms which are easily acceptable and trustworthy.

If you are still not sure then you must not give  Kerala Lottery a shot because playing lottery is all about satisfaction. If you are satisfied and confident enough about choosing lucky number then chances of winning draw shrinks.

To avoid all this you have to be sure that what you want as well as what you want to select. Go with a positive mind and select the best number to win lucky draw of Kerala Lottery and it is the most important tip to crack the hard nut of Kerala Lottery

Final Words About Kerala Lottery

Kerala Lottery is, no doubt, one of the widely used lotteries across India which enjoys millions of fans within as well as beyond the borders. People are crazy about Kerala Lottery as they think it is very close to their hearts. Government is also playing its role in making the impression of Kerala Lottery as one of the top-notch impressions of lottery system.

They are creating the right buzz regarding Kerala Lottery by providing it the legal status and, hence, are safely accessible to common people of the country which are real strength of popularity of Kerala Lottery. If you are one of those who are looking forward to playing  Kerala Lottery then here is our tip for you. Remember one thing lottery is a game of luck and chance and, hence, you should with your chance.

Here, in  Kerala Lottery, you can win as well as loose at the same time. Anyhow, the most important truth about chance of winning is that there is no secret to winning the draw of  Kerala LotteryPeople who are claiming to be guider regarding the winning pattern of game of the lottery and especially in Kerala Lottery are just looters.

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