6 Routine Tips on Reading the Quran in Ramadan During the Corona Pandemic

Ramadan is just counting days away. Of course many people flocked to seek reward in this holy month. One of them is by reading the Quran. Here are 6 tips to try during Ramadan

Ramadan 1441 Hijri in a few days will greet Muslims around the world. Unlike previous years, undergoing fasting this year had to be passed with an exam because of the Covid-19 outbreak that struck various countries in the world.But this condition does not make the meaning of Ramadan be reduced. Muslims welcome this holy and forgiving month with happiness. The condition of the corona also makes us tested to grow in sincerity and closeness to God.

As in previous years, every Muslim must also prepare to welcome the coming of Ramadan.One practice in Ramadan that we can do is to get used to reading the Koran. As stated in a hadith:”Read the Qur’an, because the Quran will come as an intermediary for its readers on the Day of Resurrection.” (Muslim hadith)Reporting from About Islam , there are some tips that we can do when the Quran Time to be more productive and gain as much reward as possible during Ramadan amid a pandemic.

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Complete the entire Quran during Ramadan

Maybe some people will feel tired after work. Or they feel their reading is too slow. When talking about obstacles, each person will have a thousand reasons to postpone reading the Quran.But with the Corona pandemic that makes all activities done from home, you certainly have more time. There is no more reason to get tired from work because of a traffic jam.Use this quarantine opportunity as time for the Qur’an. If completing the entire Quran still feels heavy, you can invite a friend to share the reading of the Quran. Look for friends who want to help pursue the target of reading the Quran during Ramadan.

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Start Searching Quran Reading Groups Online

In the midst of the current corona pandemic, it will certainly be difficult for us to attend Koranic studies or meet together to improve one another’s reading of the Koran.We can use technology to remind each other virtually. You can try using Google Hangouts (or other virtual meeting platforms).

6 Routine Tips on Reading
6 Routine Tips on Reading the Quran in Ramadan During the Corona Pandemic

If you are not used to understanding interpretations, with a group of Quran readers, you will find it helpful.You can also try listening to a video series about surah and sharing. Or share the story of how a verse really inspires you.

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Repeating the Recitation of the Koran Ever Recited

As humans, of course we often forget to read the Koran that we have memorized. In this Ramadan, it can be our momentum to repeat the memorization of the Quran.Allah says, {And We of course make the Qur’an easy to remember, so will anyone remember it?} (Al-Qamar 54:17).So if you want to make the Koran can be a helper on the Day of Resurrection, ask Allah to give instructions and ease in reading and memorizing the Quran.Use notes to write any letter you want to memorize again. You can also play your favorite reciter‘s audio while repeating your Quran recitation.

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Train Yourself to Read the Quran with a Beautiful Song

Prophet Muhammad said, “Anyone who does not read the Qur’an in a good voice is not from us.” (Al-Bukhari).In Surat Al-Muzzamil, Allah tells the Prophet to {. read the Qur’an with measurable memorization .} (Al-Muzzamil 73: 4).Learning to read in a beautiful voice is not just a pleasant vocal practice. This is also the command of Allah in the Quran.

Terkadang kita merasa terburu – buru untuk menyelesaikan halaman bacaan Quran kita. Mulai sekarang, cobalah untuk lebih meluangkan waktu. Dan nikmati ketenangan diri ketika kamu memperlambat bacaanmu.

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Baca Quran Setelah Subuh

If most people sleep at dawn, who witnesses the recitation of the Qur’an? The answer is, angels!The challenge of reading at dawn is extraordinary. However, the reward obtained is also more extraordinary.You can start reading the Quran with as many verses as you can. Turn on the lights so you stay awake.

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Lead Tarawih or Tahajud at Home.

Indeed at this time, the MUI has also asked Muslims to worship from home, and avoid carrying out tarawih in congregation in the mosque. However, this does not mean we lose our chance to get the reward in Ramadan.You can do tarawih and tahajud at home with your beloved family. If you are alone overseas, you can still carry out your own worship.

After worshiping with the family, you can continue by learning a new surah, inviting the family to the Quran, or listening to lectures about the stories of the Koran.In the end, do not let us lose enthusiasm or the reward of Ramadan yes, Friends of Dream.

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