3 Elements of Advertising, Definition, Characteristics and Types in order to Live a Successful Business

Good advertising can increase sales of your product or service.

Many people start new businesses during a pandemic. Most of them start online businesses with various products. They will make various advertisements as a means of promoting their products, ranging from food products, clothing, makeup, to household appliances. Online business during a pandemic is indeed a solution to survival. The restrictions on going out of the house and the strict maintenance of health protocols make online businesses more and more attractive to business people.

Selling in the online world requires interesting and unique advertisements to market its products. If you want to make an ad for your product, you need to pay attention to the elements of the ad so that your ad is able to attract as many buyers as possible. This time, Dream managed to summarize from various sources related to the elements of advertising, understanding, characteristics, types so that you can successfully run a business. Let ‘s look at the reviews below.

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3 Elements of Advertising, Definition
3 Elements of Advertising, Definition, Characteristics and Types in order to Live a Successful Business

Definition of advertisement

Before talking about the elements of advertising, it would be best if we first understand what advertising is. Advertising is all forms of promotional messages for products or services delivered through certain media which are aimed at most people so they want to buy the product or service.

In this case, advertising becomes a means of promoting certain products with great accuracy. Because without advertising, the buyer will not know the product or service you are selling.

Another definition of advertising is a form of information carried out by a person, institution, company or agency that contains interesting messages about a product or service aimed at the public.

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Advertising Features

Then, advertising has characteristics that make it attractive for customers to buy a product or service that someone is selling. The characteristics of advertising include using words of invitation or persuasion. A good advertisement is an advertisement that describes in detail the advertised product, the advertising message is conveyed in a communicative and informative manner.

Even though the intention is to invite people to buy a product or service, advertising should be honest and objective. So that buyers don’t feel cheated by the ad that you have created. Ads that you make can combine elements of text, images, videos, moving images and sound and music to make them more attractive. Because the more attractive the ads you make, the more popular the products or services you sell will be known to the public.

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Types of Ads

The elements of advertising are closely related to the type of advertisement that is made. Judging from its type, advertisements are divided into advertisements based on their content, media and purpose. There are four types of advertisements according to their contents, namely bidding or commercial advertisements, advertisements for job requests or job vacancies, announcements or information advertisements, and public service advertisements.

Meanwhile, there are three kinds of advertisements based on the media, namely print media advertisements, electronic media advertisements, and internet media advertisements. Finally, advertising based on its purpose can be divided into two, namely commercial advertising and non-commercial advertising.

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