150 Kilogram of Fresh Fish for Hundreds of Ustaz in Bengkulu

DKP Bengkulu City again distributes fresh fish to affected communities Covid-19.

Bengkulu City Maritime and Fisheries Service (DKP) once again distributed fresh fish to the affected communities Covid-19. This time the fish was distributed to hundreds of religious teachers in the city of Bengkulu.”Alhamdulillah, today we can get alms from 150 kilograms of fish entrepreneurs,” Bengkulu City DKP Office Head Syafriandi was quoted as saying from Merdeka.com, Thursday, May 14, 2020.The fish is alms from one of the fish entrepreneurs in the city of Bengkulu on behalf of Azmi. Azmi donated 150 kg of fish to be given to the religious teachers in Bengkulu through the DKP.

“Then we channel it directly to the cleric coordinated by Ustaz Syafril who they shared at the Indonesian Muslim Intellectual Association (ICMI),” added Syafriandi.Syafriandi was grateful and thanked the fish entrepreneurs, because DKP was still trusted by fishermen and fish entrepreneurs to distribute aid in the form of fish.”And they always compete to participate. And anyone who participates in providing assistance in the Covid-19 condition, we (DKP) give a certificate of appreciation,” he said.

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